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Published September 8, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Riptide 2023 (9/3)

Region: SoCal

Stream: btssmash2 and btssmash4 for most of the tourney; btssmash for Top 8 (stream schedule)

Featuring: moky, aMSa, Plup, Wizzrobe, Aklo, KoDoRiN, lloD, Axe, Magi, Zamu, Zuppy, Spark, Polish, Ginger, n0ne, Panda, KJH, Ben, Khalid, Bbatts, Gahtzu, Khryke, TheSWOOPER, Grab, Drephen, essy, Sirmeris, Free Palestine, Flash, shabo, TheRealThing, Michael, JCAM, JustJoe, (B)Ossify, Slowking, Preeminent, Chango, Logos, Reeve, Ringler, Redd, Q?, Ober, Lowercase hero, Faust, Balloon Day, Peanutphobia, Unsure, Egg$, will get another player banned Justus, Ferocitii, DannyPhantom, Holiday, Will Pickles, Freezus, Killablue, lexor, Negat!ve, JCubez, decent Rivals player CakeAssault, Den, Coin, Fudge, Vorporal, Latin, Frost, Majersk, Yeti farmer OG Swaglord, Brazmonkey, Maher, MattDotZeb, Greg Turbo, Dirtboy, Azzu, Koobie, Kumi, Hank, my favorite commentator SSB_Seal, 13stealduck, Unoriginal, Nick Fucking Yingling, Bagels, Rayboyp, Twotran, least abrasive tweeter Palika, Blandeezy, Wens, Zaza, Tr4shJ4ck, Ben Snape, Drew, reese, Acid, 3HUNA, Sheep, Life, Wizzrobe three stocker Card, Grab2Win, Royal, large lad Studebacher Hoch, lovestory4a, Iceking, Scooby, Mook, Captain Crack, made Ginger’s Kirby rage GranmasGotGame, Mars, Jade, Dragoid, flatline, Forest, tomdollars, social engineer, Tuesday (the Indiana Peach), Quist, Tarchwood, Fahey, Aubergene, JHTL, Jisp, Thrive, BY15, KGas, Jank, Michael John Quiggles, Blahguy, Trevor, Thunders of the titular combo, altan, Rocks, surf’s up. hail satan., Suidt, Frumentarii, Ferrety, combo video extraordinaire PGH Carroll, yung pkay, Jink, R2, Raventoly, Charlie Wu, OG Kid, Figment, Matwood, Taza, Lamonster, ZeeBee, M1sf1re, Psoup, QueueSS, Schlag, Marcato, Noshi, Banger, tournament winner Kadence, Underscore, Kibby, Leo, MB-Smash, dieg0shine, Mrs. Puff, zboo13, kneemaster12, kneemaster12, L holder dang3r, Nerdy, 1der, Timko AF, tenacity, Oval, Extratossed, & more!

Fri. (9/8)

  • Roffa Rumble #2 (Nederland)
    • Featuring: skullbro, Happymealz, Fout NL, Noxxa, Nuckels, RestlessWhale, Touffe, ThommyN, Rabbitalex, VirtualTiger, Nuki, TURBOFOX, Abelatty, vlerk, seo, & more!
    • Stream: SuperSmashDelft

Sat. (9/9)

  • Lost in the Woods (Colorado)
    • Featuring: Zealot, Fizzwiggle, DayDream, Ultra, Russell, Miyagi, polear, Shleeum, Third Strongest, Cheunk, Conman, Rrob, Michael D. Kiefer, Grillindude (fka Goomy), GetCrabby, James Jr, Phazon, DSJ, blorppppp, Sayren, Omegam, WizP, SpecialK, Loam, w0mp303, AceBox, PkThundah, RIZ, 20xQuest, Jim Jam Film Flam, Neuron, destinybond, & more!
    • Stream: SouthSuburbanEsports

  • The Lookout (Georgia)
    • Featuring: Mekk, Colbol, Panko, CAUP, fknsilver, Dusk, Supersponge, bag, audrey, cardd, Wolven, Erika Bonchiko, Wills (in doubles), Oggy, Bori, iamcheeks, & more!
    • Stream: nimbusroshi

  • Nox Box 4: Four Ports Gaming (Oregon)
    • Featuring: FatGoku, Stiv, God’s Only Son, RubiconMarie, Phrigid, Noxdeseus (in doubles), bigoldchub, Mustache Massacre, probably high, VMPR, naxy, Mucho Man Randy Passion, MonumentalDong, BillNyeTheScienceDenier (aka Yalli), Potion, & more!
    • Stream: noxssbm

  • Dragons’ Dojo 6 (Wales)
    • Featuring: Pi, Kingu, Lil Chief, Squeachu, Matt Smith, Pedlar, Lima Bean, Aiken, ECS, wil, Cappy, Bill, xychojack, Useth, Jaysotee, & more!
    • Stream: smashwales

  • Tony Town: Into the Void (Washington)
    • Featuring: Graves, Silvi, Vincessant, Connect4Balls, Zvara, Valk, 44, Zvara, Dynamite!, Ukemelee, Hard Reid, Saint Vong, lula, Popa Squat, yeemans, PapaNoJohns, Chance, stuff, Emily Hexadecimal, & more!
    • Stream: seattleusmash

  • Pit Smash: Back To School! (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Goosekhan, mgmg, Rongunshu, PRIN$E, LXIX, idea, Joe(y) Bats, Nen, tora, Love, Bowser poster Fire Sheep, r/ssbm | VicVuci, & more!
    • Stream: schmeez__

Sun. (9/10)


If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Water 7 is beast” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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