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Executive Team

Anokh “EdwinBudding” Palakurthi



Edwin is the author of The Book of Melee, writer of the Monday Morning Marth series and creator of this website. He enjoys reading, writing, sports, history, politics and music.

Eryk “Ambisinister” Banatt
Creative Director


Ambi is the founder of the Melee Stats film series. You can check out some of his material on his YouTube channel or his website.

Brendan “GimmeDatWheat” Malone
Brand & Talent Director



Wheat directs Melee’s annual Top 100 rankings. He also hosts the Waiting for Game podcast series, manages prospective partnerships with other content teams, and directs our Melee Stats Free Agent Showcase program.

Active Contributors


Jake “Chroma” Robins
Financial Consultant



Chroma commentators major top eights around the United States. He additionally was an executive producer for the Team Liquid vs. Team Catfish Melee Stats film and is our financial consultant.

Danny “S-F” Levy
Social Media Manager & Staff Writer



S-F is our Last Night in Melee reporter, as well as our digital media manager and When’s Melee writer. You can find him in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord, typically posting results from all across the globe as they happen.

Jacob “JDMH” Mannor-Hornyak
Waiting For Game Producer

JDMH produces each episode of our weekly podcast, “Waiting For Game.” He does freelance production work for several different Smash events and outlets, including “Four Side Fights.”

Honorary Members and Former Contributors

Melissa Blight
Former Staff Writer (2021-2022)


Melissa is the second half of the Smash History contributors. She used to write When’s Melee and is known for maintaining a list of majors throughout Melee history.

Sam “Ding” Greene
Former Staff Writer (2018 – 2020)


Ding is a person from Rhode Island who used to write When’s Melee, a weekendly article with tourney information. He used to seed majors with 343 and Wheat, but doesn’t even watch Melee anymore (even though he told you where to do so).

Scott “SaveAsUntitled” Schroeder
Former MS Podcast Producer (2018-2019)



Save started off making YouTube videos earlier this decade for other video games before getting involved in the Melee community as a content creator. He likes music, video games and is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player.

Daniel “tafokints” Lee


Tafokints founded Tafostats and formerly used to connect Melee Stats to supermajor series for seeding tournaments. He also used to coach Mango and was the General Manager for CLG’s League of Legends team.

Glenn “KayB” Kim

KayB is the main writer for Melee scenes within Korea and Japan. He currently works in the New England area in chemical engineering.

Leon “ycz6” Zhou

Ycz has played Melee for over a decade, creating mini highlight videos, being power ranked in different regions and, most famously, writing the compendium of SSBM knowledge.

Andrew “PracticalTAS” Nestico


PracticalTAS is a Melee TASer, statistician and content creator. He was the former project manager behind Panda Global’s MPGR.

Ben “Ovenn” Dyck


Ovenn literally enjoys playing Peach against Jigglypuff. He currently helps keep track of data for MPGR and he archives YouTube/Twitch uploads.

(No Twitter)

Fairfax keeps track of stage and viewership data from Melee nationals. He also avidly follows the South American Melee scene.

Damien “343” Jiang


343, also known as Algebra, leads seeding efforts for large tournaments alongside Wheat. He used to write for Team Liquid.

Akhil “FirePuff” Sila

Fire has been involved in the Melee scene for the last nine years and
the curator of several YouTube playlists for all-time Melee sets. He
also has his own YouTube channel.