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Regular Contributors


Anokh “EdwinBudding” Palakurthi


Edwin is the author of The Book of Melee, writer of the Monday Morning Marth series, former host of the Melee Stats Podcast, and creator of this website. You can check out some of his previous work on his personal blog. He enjoys reading, writing, sports, history and music.


Sam “Ding” Greene
Staff Writer

Ding is a person from Rhode Island who writes When’s Melee, a weekendly article with tourney information. He used to seed majors with 343 and Wheat, but doesn’t even watch Melee anymore (even though he tells you where to do so).


Brendan “GimmeDatWheat” Malone
Lead Data Tracker and Deep Dives Host


Wheat tracks results data for the Melee Stats team and the world. He’s maintained spreadsheets with top 50 players’ results for the last two years, which provide valuable information to SSBMRank panelists. On top of that, he submits tons of tournament data to Tafostats and founded the Deep Dives podcast series.

Other Members



Scott “SaveAsUntitled” Schroeder
YouTube Content Creator/Former MS Podcast Producer


Save started off making YouTube videos earlier this decade for other video games before getting involved in the Melee community as a content creator. He likes music, video games and is an avid Dungeons & Dragons player.


Eryk “Ambisinister” Banatt
Quipper Extraordinaire


Ambi is a formerly power ranked Tristate Fox and Melee’s mini-version of Gwern. You can check out some of his material on his YouTube channel or his website.



Andrew “PracticalTAS” Nestico
Frame Data Wizard


PracticalTAS is a Melee TASer, statistician and content creator. He’s an analyst for SSBMRank and the Smash 4 Panda Global Rankings, as well as a member of both the UCF team and the Melee Competition Committee “25.”


Damien “343” Jiang
Seeding Organizer

343, also known as Algebra, leads seeding efforts for large tournaments alongside Wheat. He used to write for Team Liquid.


Leon “ycz6” Zhou
West Coast Correspondent


Ycz has played Melee for over a decade, creating mini highlight videos, being power ranked in different regions and, most famously, writing the compendium of SSBM knowledge. Right now, he’s NorCal’s No. 20 Melee player.


South America Correspondent

Fairfax keeps track of stage and viewership data from Melee nationals. He’s also a PPMD cultist and WRPG aficionado.


Glenn “KayB” Kim
East Asia Correspondent


KayB is the main writer for Melee scenes within Korea and Japan. He’s pursuing a degree at Cornell University.


Ben “Ovenn” Dyck
British Columbia Correspondent

Ovenn literally enjoys playing Peach against Jigglypuff. He currently helps keep track of data within Tafostats.

Akhil “Fire” Silla
Puff Player

Fire makes YouTube playlists of all the sets between the top tier players of Melee. He enjoys playing and listening to music, watching sick Jigglypuff gameplay and being a Mango diehard.

Melissa “Pikachu942” Forde
Smash Historian


Pika writes about Melee history on her personal blog and co-wrote the Top 100 Melee players of all-time series, among other Smash History projects. She follows the other Smash games as well, notably watching and playing Ultimate and the original Super Smash Bros.


Jake “Chroma” Robins
Commentary Expert


Chroma is the premier San Diego Melee expert and has organized several local tournaments before.  Today, he focuses on commentary, both at regionals and nationals.


Daniel “tafokints” Lee
Editorial Advisor

Tafokints formerly coached for Cloud9 and has written for ESPN, Yahoo, HTC, etc. Along with years of being a community leader, tournament organizer, top 100 player and content creator, he also once won a thousand-dollar money match.