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Published September 29, 2023

Weekend Headliners

BODIED 5 (9/30)

Region: Michigan

Stream: raviannn

Featuring: TASman Zuppy, Ginger, KJH, Ben, Matteo, Morsecode762, (B)Ossify, JCubez, Joey Donuts, Negat!ve, Brazmonkey (in doubles), I’M YOUR MAMI (aka Sp1nda), Rich, Ferrety, Bozo Jr., Sheep, Captain Crack, Zam, Umma, LXIX (in doubles), Joka, Nyte, Sawyer, Anzeray, MB-Smash, helm, PoeFire, Anasazi, Baron, kneemaster12, Shadez, Jasper, Maxo, lain, htcp, Soph, Pops, xatudrip, Jeo, Nexic, blummbo (in doubles), & more!

Empty Hop (9/30 – 10/1)

Region: Alberta

Stream: Level1_TV

Featuring: Joshman, Soonsay, Preeminent, Elliot, Beezy, Egg$, duckrobin, aujory, Mono, Odin, Daz, Crackers, chaka, sundowns, Anjo, Krizski, Venison, PoppinFresh, Antislycer, Muxedo, DEW, STLTS, mia, & more at Alberta’s biggest ever event!

Fri. (9/29)

  • SAIT Smash #30 (Alberta)
    • Featuring: Joshman, Soonsay, Preeminent, Beezy, duckrobin, Odin, Crackers, chaka, Venison, sundowns, STLTS, mia, & more attending Empty Hop!
    • Stream: STLTS_



Sat. (9/30)

  • BattleGateWay #42 (Japan)
    • Featuring: aMSa (in doubles), rom, Inngenn, Daydee, Massun, IBARAKI MAN (aka NRW-Mann, aka Kobobi), Shunsuke, Sanne, Falpan, Mittens, NEG, WTS, Satoshi, Donkos, Sourdough, gaR, Ryuenho Eternal Phoenix, Bap666, Tre, watch, & more!
    • Stream: VGBootCamp

  • Cream City Convergence (Wisconsin)
    • Featuring: Skerzo, Slowking, Lowercase hero, DannyPhantom, Peanutphobia, Unsure, Lord English, ORLY, Seal, Grab2Win, Royal, flatline, Dragoid, fiveman1, Kumi, Kendrick, lovestory4a, Forest, Jisp, squizzage, cbb, Ryse, diggles137, Chaloopy, Marcato, SuperMrJMT, Lamonster, oh, Mundungu, kaden, arryu, Tato, Kibby, kolton, BlazinJace, failed to get 50 in eggs-ercise on Dream Land dang3r, Tienda, Trejohn6, & more!
    • Stream: ugsgaming

  • Mass Madness 43 (Massachusetts)
    • Featuring: Kalvar, bonfire10, Bekvin, Project, Younger, Electroman, Awesome Video Games, Trail, Bank, shmeeli, Q, Top Player Yasu, meep, RyGuy, MEAT, Arty, hexjo, Coolslice, Ant, Tarchwood, Nage, Ravenolti (aka Raventoly), saucymain, Future Shock, RoyTheCyclops, Conflict, BINGHI, een (in doubles), Primer, JEC, 333blobism111, 22K, Woodley, oz, Tichinde925, Lio, BonkCushy (in doubles), DadsAkimbo, Tartox (in doubles), ThunderPaste, Piss, Krakhead, MOOP, stocmoney, & more!
    • Stream: GameUnderground

  • Evergreen Rising #8 (Washington)
    • Featuring: Chango, Graves, Anchovy, Connect4Balls, Zvara, Vincessant, Valk, 44, Melo, SteakUnderTheCouch, Hard Reid, Saint Vong, PapaNoJohns, stuff, Pbag, & more!
    • Stream: TempestStreamCo

  • The Durham Dojo #12 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Faust, Goosekhan, mgmg, Koobie, PRIN$E, OtES, Trevor, Bill Bone, R0M, & more!
    • Stream: drnt_

Sun. (10/1)

  • Soul of Smash (Florida)
    • Featuring: Kyle Krudo, Panda, Colbol, MOF, Akir, Komodo, Captain G, Kuya, Sneakywill, Oaty, Franco, ADMJ, Yeti, Saint 009, Quadae, SandBag, Gaster, the government, & more!
    • Stream: SpiralMedia

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “won his first local last Sunday :D” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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