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Published October 7, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Kill Roy: Volume 7 (10/7)

Region: Indiana

Stream: mang0

Featuring: Magi, KJH, Ossify, essy, Drephen, Grab, Free Palestine, Reeve, Balloon Day, :i_mean: coffee, IMDRR, Unsure, Hefty Pecker Rodney, Peanutphobia, Latin my beloved, Negat!ve, Majersk, Toast, Cream City Convergence medalist Seal, Tr4shJ4ck, Frost, Acid, perfume enjoyer lovestory4a, best Zelda Mook, Certified, Trevor, Grognar, Thrive, Blahguy, Bozo Jr. (fka Walrus), meleesadposts, Suidt, M1sf1re, Thunders of that one combo, Charlie Wu, Schlag, Ferriswheel, dalbull, Psoup, Ashley, Matwood, helm, YamHam, tenacity, & more!

Nangest National (10/7)

Region: London

Stream: PhoenixSmash

Featuring: Frenzy, Fat Tino, max, Kingu, Pi, Lil Chief, grabber Branspeed, ModestMajor, Laurster, Okameed, 10QuidShoes, Squeachu, mordo, Alpha Dash(!), 23, Bonjwa (fka Xardov, a much better tag), R23, the Most Wanted Antz, Jacob <3, Kidder, Young Link main Ivy, loves Marth Joefish, an aesthetic unto himself Neproxin, Mr. 25 EuO, professional tweeter Pedlar, HoorayForJay, CptNebula, RashAttack, Pafos, Leeum, Skips, Mad4Men, GOON, Marzipann, BaldMan, Chaler, JoMo, Kai, wil, DJ PJ757, Moby, Cappy, Westers, & more!

Fri. (10/6)

  • Bring More Setups #150 (Virginia)
    • Featuring: Dr. DOOM (Zain playing Dr. Mario), Kevin Maples, Sillie Willie and Bigly Wigly, Anakin, Gibblez, CBass, eve, señor sambob, SypherPhoenix, Melen, SparkinMed, BS, stats, Takeshi, Quote, Kung Fu Kenny, & more!
    • Stream: GMUmelee

  • FNS #174 (Québec)
    • Featuring: Hungrybox LMAO, Lunar Dusk, Squid, Tokage, I’m Michael BTW, Seb, Crumbling, MorKs, JOJO, GoDiegoGo, Captain, & more!
    • Stream: Hungrybox

  • WWU Fall 2023 #2 (Washington)
    • Featuring: Graves, Vincessant, Melo, Jerami, Popa Squat, Hard Reid, zapwad, Emily Hexadecimal, & more!
    • Stream: freebobbyREAL

Sat. (10/7)

  • NM Fighting Games 2023 (Norge)
    • Featuring: NinjagoFan72, Schnellfahrer (aka Emanuel Desperadoes (aka Kongen på havet (aka 30% Brulter (aka Prins Esse (aka Sjeik Ben Redic Fy Fazan (aka Dr. Essman (aka Mythra (aka Tante Pose (aka NintendOrk))))))))), Sverdet, JohsyJam, Rich my beloved, TheLabMaster, voff3, Zorc, Harald, Little Bear (fka Widl), Gabe, Oldiz, ISTE dank, Martin, lasse, Askeflink, Allkizz, Skaug, Shinzou, went Game 5 with Armada in 2008 Tonberry, David, Toa, Gardex, DJ Klaus, Taka, Length Plank, aLF, & more brulters!
    • Stream: SmashNorge

  • Defend the District (District of Columbia)
    • Featuring: I wonder if bobby still has nightmares about Jerry(!!!), mvlvchi, Nurok, Ryan, Pulch, Walby, BS, DickJohnson, Takeshi, scariest video of a dog, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • The Asscadian 3 (Oregon)
    • Featuring: J.O.A.T., mister_person, Keppler, VMPR, Yalli, dang3r, Wenis Tickler, 21Phantoms, Mucho Man Randy Passion, gcf_, Potion, Zoup, Shake_zula, Keystone, & more!
    • Stream: AdamsSmashSeries

Sun. (10/8)

  • The Lookout: Double Trouble (Georgia)
    • Featuring: Colbol, TheSWOOPER, Panko, Redd, htwa, CAUP, SDeems, Austintacious, Wolven, Wills (in doubles), Erika Bonchiko, Oggy, Taza, & more!
    • Stream: nimbus_roshi

  • RetroGameCon 2023 (New York)
    • Featuring: Agent, RC, EduPorp, Higgins, Spades, ayeGiohh, Jank, tezlik, waly, & more!
    • Stream: afassmash

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “binging Twin Peaks The Return with friends” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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