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Published October 29, 2021

Weekend Headliners

SWT NA East Regional Finals

Region: NA East (Offline)

Main Stream: VGBootCamp

Featuring: Zain, Hungrybox, Wizzrobe, iBDW, n0ne, Ginger, Logan, Gahtzu, Ben, 2Saint, Aklo, Polish, Magi, lloD, Zamu & Colbol fighting for 8 more spots in the SWT Finals! This is basically a major folks, it’s gonna be good!

Fri. (10/29)

    • Featuring: Some pretty good players at this new tourney in the San Diego area! Hopefully it’s able to happen this time after the unfortune circumstances that cancelled the first one.
    • Stream: TopShelfEsports

Sat. (10/30)

There’s also, crazily, another German tournament going on, SMASH WARS EPISODE III – MELEE, featuring near-Leffen slayer Kins0, though I do not think there is a stream.

Sun. (10/31)

Here’s your weekly dose of “Sunday doesn’t have a lot of notable tourneys, so I will simple shout out LGBTQIA+ RIGHTS again. TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, TRANS MEN ARE MEN, NON-BINARY PEOPLE ARE VALID AS HELL, GENDERLESS AND AGENDER PEOPLE? ALSO VALID! I SEE YOU ACE/ARO’S IN THE BACK, YOU’RE VALID TOO! EVERYBODY’S VALID EXCEPT BIGOTS! Okay that is all, have a good day and a great weekend of Melee!

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Melissa “Wants to wear a sexy witch costume for Halloween” Blight, and I can be reached on Twitter @GCH_Pikachu942.

Also, shout-outs to my assistant, Self “True Legend who I could never do this without” Flagellate of the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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