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Published October 27, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Let’s Make Moves Miami 2023 (10/27 – 10/29)

Region: Florida

Stream: VGBootCamp

Featuring: The TASman Zuppy, Salt, Chem, Zamu, n0ne, Bbatts, Mekk, MOF, Dawson, Wevans, prof, Voo, would be the first seed if it was netplay JSalt, Melee Stats’ JCAM, Jude, GuysPleaser304 Freezus, Komodo, holy shit it’s JChu, Kero, eveningstar, Nogh, sinbad, ADMJ, rusty, Fahey, Kola, Yony, Judas, Diltune, Alextrer, Sandbag, LionGEK, Big D, Danity Kane, Afmbot, & more! There’s a national arcadian event on Friday featuring former Top 100 player Wevans so the vibes are interesting.

Fri. (10/27)

  • CCC (Wales)
    • Featuring: GG, Lil Chief, Joefish, Ivy, Matt Smith, Pedlar, Marzipann, DevilishJho, & more!
    • Stream: SmashWales


Sat. (10/28)

  • Octobair 2023 (British Columbia)
    • Featuring: Spark, Moe, Elliot, Graves, Polo, Unruly, Fauxhebro, Odin, Espi, Silvi, Crackers, shmugs, Marko, Hard Reid, Hagabooga, BluePiñata, N8v, Yardsale, White Lightning, Zemi, Dhir, & more!
    • Stream: its_zaney

  • Den of Dragons: The Beasts Inferno (Wales)
    • Featuring: Frenzy, max, Kingu, Happymealz, Pi, ModestMajor, Okameed, GG, Lil Chief, Frogchip, Jacob <3, stylo!! :33, Joefish, Ivy, Matt Smith, Pedlar, Aiken, Lima Bean, Ryzon, zondy “zonky” “zonders” “zonkers” zondy, Marzipann, Willz, ECS, SwarmEngine, BoomTasty, 1-0 on Lil Chief’s Falco NintenJoe, Cappy, xychojack, Boss Hog, Jaysotee (in doubles), namesake of the sky upsmash sky, & more!
    • Stream: SmashWales

  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 (Kentucky)
    • Featuring: Eddy Mexico, essy, Grab, Mad Tyro, Reeve, Amida, Wicked, Wens, Unoriginal, Cantus, emy, Aubergene, Grognar, Thrive, M1sf1re, Needlemier, Mulan, Farko, & more!
    • Stream: wagr0

  • SPOOKMAS (Germany)
    • Featuring: Kins0, astar, huge irfan, King, Blaze, DerFasan, JFrank (aka Raisem) (in doubles), DeaconBlues, Zluchs, Magik, & more!
    • Stream: ProjectHIVEofficial

Sun. (10/29)

  • Deyve’s Smash Bash: Halloween Edition! (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, Khalid, Squid, Jack Skellington, Ringler, Eli Jaffe obsessive cliché, salami, Breakfast, Alberto, Eli Jaffe himself deez, Vavez (in doubles, as always), Glasper, beachbum, s-f, y-hat, sïcko, DomHeads, The Charles Guy, Hot Dog Harold, Sh1tternet, QueueSS, Tuddy, Tern, Smashingumball, w00j_, & more!
    • Stream: verylocalmelee

  • Center Stage Schiedam (Nederland)
    • Featuring: max, skullbro, is okay to lose LunarySSF2, $TYN, Fout NL, Happymealz, noon, Aaron, Xin, Nuckels, Risc, Noxxa, Raiden, RestlessWhale, Jim Morrison, Rabbitalex, Nuki, VirtualTiger, serket, sjor$, vlerk, Danubi, & more!
    • Stream: florandaman

  • Bristol’s Basement XI: Arceus (United Kingdom)
    • Featuring: Frenzy, Kingu, ModestMajor, Jamie, Pi, Lil Chief, Joefish, Ivy, EuO, CptNebula, Aiken, Lima Bean, Marzipann, ECS, Nightstar, NintenJoe, xychojack, Cappy, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “fuck Nintendo as always” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at self_flagellate, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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