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Published October 21, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Ludwig Smash Invitational (10/21 – 10/23)

Region: Las Vegas

Stream: Ludwig and Ludwig VODs

Featuring: Zain, Mang0, iBDW, Jmook, Hungrybox, aMSa, Axe, Leffen, Wizzrobe, KoDoRiN, moky, Fiction, S2J, lloD, Ginger, Aklo, SFAT, n0ne, SluG, Lucky, Magi, Krudo, Pipsqueak, Spark, Joshman, Trif, Polish, Faceroll, Shroomed, the new best Smashbox Falcon player from Florida Gahtzu, Salt, Soonsay, Zamu, bobby big ballz, Logan, Rishi, Medz, Frenzy, Eddy Mexico, Kalamazhu, Melee Stats Solobattle in his North American debut, null, Albert, Wally, Mekk, Spud, Franz, Dawson, Azel, Free Palestine, Ralph, Suf, Mot$, Khryke, Kürv, Melee Stats Lunar Dusk, CPU0, Ober, MegaXmas, ghettowarmachine420, Justus, Casper, Quaff, shabo, bonfire10, Snowy, Omar, Phil, DarkGenex, Gooms, Maybe, Greenbean, k1llapino, Alex19, Miranda, phoenix, Fist Mexico, Eduardo Tossed, Quest, & only a few more in probably the most stacked event in Melee’s history!

Fri. (10/21)

  • Camp The Fire (Iowa)
    • Featuring: essy, Slowking, Trevor, GDubs, & more people who will be at Honeypot!
    • Stream: GDubsTV


Sat. (10/22)

  • Smash Camp: New Lands (Oregon)
    • Featuring: Umarth, FatGoku, Aura, Nickemwit, Typhoon, nut, blargh257, Iceman, Ringler, Stiv, Yamasaki, Nerin, SpacePigeon, DeCoste in the Shell, Connect4Master, SpiritGun, CAUP, Vincessant, Greg Turbo, Arcadia, God’s Only Son, mikey, Mook, weed lesbian, dkuo, YeehawDaniels, Jerami, SteakUnderTheCouch, Max, Hurricane, ganobrator, chaka, Dynamite!, PapaNoJohns, Dr. Z, Mr. N, Easy, Joshuwasha, Ivayne, Nox, Studebacher Hoch, Dhir, Wisely, Brub, The Cheat, Shk Shk, Ashkon, Wills, dang3r, & many more camping in the woods of the Pacific Northwest!
    • Stream: Level1_TV

  • Fall GatorLAN 2022 (Florida)
    • Featuring: Panda, Komodo, Wevans, King Momo, Akir, prof, Nogh, Captain G, Kuya, MOF, Lad, Chef Rach, Sodabro, sinbad, C15, ADMJ, Judas, Sneakywill, Kero, Franco, Stockholm Syndrome, Chipotle+, CowCowCowCowCow, DJoy, Renth, Gaster, JRad, Nojump, Afmbot, Quadae, & more!
    • Stream: equiiaterai

  • Honeypot 4: Lost in the Woods (Iowa)
    • Featuring: Ben, essy, Slowking, ORLY, Dirtboy, Trevor, techboy, Landon, cbb, GDubs, Card, GrayCode, & more! Be sure to check out the P+ stream as well!
    • Stream: GDubsTV

  • SHP13: Short Hop Scare! 2 (United Kingdom)
    • Featuring: max, mordo, Squeachu, 10QuidShoes, Stranger, Lil Chief, CptNebula, Matt Smith, EuO, Joefish, Neproxin, Skuxxyy, Marzipann, zondy, Pedlar, Leon Massey, BiGMaks, & more at this spooooky event!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

  • The 9th New England Melee Arcadian (Massachusetts)
    • Featuring: Guex, hexjo, Electroman, meep, Dr. Lame, Awesome Video Games, Stacy’s Stepdad, Tarchwood, Arcade, regEx, Deadstock, Tichinde925, een, Spades, IOA, 33 toes, Yifu, Phil D. Beverage, Ant, 22K, ZettaVolt, ac3r, & more unranked New England trash!
    • Stream: GameUnderground

Sun. (10/23)

  • The Homie Round (Ohio)
    • Featuring: essy, Drephen, Balloon Day, KeyboardMarth, Just, Thrive, Aubergine, cz, Freky, Charlie Wu, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • M Series #5 (Maryland)
    • Featuring: Ahmad, eve, C-bass, SypherPhoenix, Douglas J. Gov, Ryan, Milo, Professor Peen, Mr. Sun, MC David, Bard, Takeshi, Kandayo, Louise, & more!
    • Stream: baltimoremelee

  • A Tribe to Denis (Online)
    • Featuring: Goodie & more commemorating the life of one of Australian Smash’s best!
    • Stream: bundun

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Going camping at Smash Camp! Can’t wait to go hiking, play gaga ball, and play fun melee with fun new friends! Come say hi to me if you are also there! It’s a very cool weekend of Melee and I’m sad to not get to watch it but I can’t wait for the cool experiences :)” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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