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Published October 13, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Rise ‘N Grind 2023 (10/13 – 10/15)

Region: Texas

Stream: btssmash2 and galintgaming

Featuring: KoDoRiN, Trif, Salt, Ben, SDJ, mildly spiteful Bbatts, Mekk, Palpa, Nickemwit, Preeminent, The Leaf, Fable, Stone, Royal, Umbr, Peachy Keen, Sandy, Tuesday, Sozin, Maximus, Oswald, Lamonster, Redrum, Joe(y) Bats, Pi2z, Chikin, CHBE Boi, Wisely, & more in Waco, Texas! Seriously! Waco, Texas!

Fri. (10/13)

  • Sketchy Academy x Golden Guardians (North Carolina)
    • Featuring: PPMD attending his first local since 2015 for content and not to compete lol, Zasa, EVIL David, Syched, Simmons, Isles, Siddward, Will Defeat Zasa resti (aka Chi), peli (aka Pelipper), Zimberfizz, satchel, Vianny, DukDota, Badmouth, Sake, IHOP Dan, kneemaster12, Bl@ckchris, spaceman, Ogre, Shocksta, SpookedYa!, Lagoa, Slatty, Dahv, & more!
    • Stream: Camdooodle

  • Tripoint Smash 208 (Chicago)
    • Featuring: Michael, Ober, IMDRR, Killablue, ORLY, lovestory4a enthusiast perfume, very familiar with the drive between Chicago and Georgia natebug01, & more!
    • Stream: ugsgaming2

  • Rowan SSBM Fall 2023 #5 (New Jersey)
    • Featuring: Jude, Giant Melee enthusiast Miffee, Gclem, Berger, gdawg, Travy, BubbleFuel, phazil, & more!
    • Stream: slte_nj

Sat. (10/14)

  • Failsafe Fall 2023 (New Jersey)
    • Featuring: Jflex, Logan, Mot$, Dawson, Wally, 404Cray, HOBORG, plush, bambi, angst, Travy, Mr. N, StuntBeast, 1bm, Gomi, S+Hiro, $DJ, shoobopper, Tamus, & more brulters!
    • Stream: TopShelfEsposrts

  • The Gallery (Switzerland)
    • Featuring: Jah Ridin’, max, the Swedish Armada Sharp, Renzo, Smarted, Happymealz, BlackH4ze, Bonjwa, SenX, the lord of Troppo Italiano Gappy, Prinz, MadeInShineA, Jude (from Scotland), diamon, Bura, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • Giga HoG 4.1 (Connecticut)
    • Featuring: Skerzo, DrLobster, Agent, Arty, RC, Q, Trail, MEAT, Spades, robi, FreeSSBM, PERSI, Conflict, BINGHI, 22K, Starri, funnyhahaman, MOOP, & more!
    • Stream: hog_ct

  • Storm VII (United Kingdom)
    • Tony Bomboni, Squeachu, stylo!! :33, UnHaven, Jacob <3, Mr. 25 EuO, Ryzon, Silas, ECS, zondy my beloved, lum, Chaler, c:leo, Swish, DJ PJ757, Leon Fucking Massey, & more!
    • Stream: ChellyToms

Sun. (10/15)

  • Big Cheese 4 (South Australia)
    • Featuring: Joshman, Goodie, Peach ledgedasher McCloud, Davox22, Muscat, Skip, Microsoft J, Dekar, Sindocus, the Australian Hungrybox Emps, Chibe, Nangs, Kaiza, Lackss, xp, Tid, Dr. Mario obsessive YETA, Ryzuul, Rollic, Zhye, Ashkon, & more!
    • Stream: KPKaiza

  • FortLAN 2023 (Indiana)
    • Featuring: Prince Abu, :i_mean: coffee, Rocco Latin shiftyrye27 ssbm, Hefty Pecker Godney (HPR), Toast, Acid, voorhese, M1sf1re, & more!
    • Stream: FortWayneMelee

  • Kurobra38 (Japan)
    • Featuring: Daydee, Massun, vugzi, gaR, Tre, Akio, Sourdough, Bap666, Badboi, & more!
    • Stream: kurobra

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Sabaody is Sagoaty” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at self_flagellate, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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