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Published October 5, 2018

The Big House 8 
Region: Mich, EDT

Streams: VGBootCampEvenMatchupGaming, and MeleeEveryday (multistream)
Featuring: Leffen, Hungrybox, Plup, Mang0, Armada (doubles only), Zain, Wizzrobe, S2J, Axe, SFAT, Swedish Delight, PewPewU, Lucky, lloD, n0ne, ARMY, Westballz, Duck, Shroomed, HugS, La Luna, KJH, Rishi, Colbol, Trif, AbsentPage, Ryan Ford, Fiction, Gahtzu, MikeHaze, iBDW, Overtriforce ,ChuDat, Kalamazhu, 2saint, Bananas, Ginger, Spark, Drunksloth, Bladewise, moky, Drephen, Michael, Android, Luigi Ka-Master, Rocky, Kels, Hax, Darkatma, Prince F. Abu, Tai, Zamu, MrLz, and a whole lot more strong players.
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Sunday, Oct. 7 

(U.K, UTC+1)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Frenzy, Isdsar, Deathgazer, Mordo, 10QuidShoes.

The Dojo 2 
(Del, EDT)
Stream: NeutralStartProductions
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Combat for a Cause: Breast Cancer Edition 2018 
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: ThePandoraHouse

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), reach out on Twitter or here in the comments.

Sam “The Face of TBH6” Greene can be found on Twitter @ding_mas.

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