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Published November 4, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Smash Summit 14 (11/4 – 11/6)

Region: SoCal

Stream: btssmash

Featuring: Zain, Mang0, iBDW, Hungrybox, Jmook, aMSa, Leffen, Plup, Wizzrobe, Axe, KoDoRiN, Melee Stats’ and Twitter’s enemy Pipsqueak (for his sixth Summit in a row), 2022’s crackhead Fox Soonsay, Professor Professional, Jflex, the best Pikachu in the venue Ralph, & many more at the return of Melee’s premier invitational!

Fri. (11/4)

Sat. (11/5)

  • Show Me Your Moves ’22 (Illinois)
    • Featuring: Polish, Zamu, Ben, Grab, Drephen, essy, Slowking, Free Palestine, shabo, Ober, Preeminent, DannyPhantom, Q?, JustJoe, GI0GOAT, Azzu, Lowercase hero, Killablue, lexor, coffee, Jada_TBK, Ferocitii, Larfen, FoxCap, Latin, Hank, cbb, Forest, Landon, Mattchu, Blandeezy, Umma, macdaddy69, Unsure, Ryse, SSB_Seal, Blendtec, Grab2Win, Dragoid, Kumi, Pablo, KeyboardMarth, Palate, Jackie, Casual, world’s best Zelda Mook, Royal, Schnurb, snacklepackle, Schlag, RanD, mase, z0na, Blahguy, Ripple, Ferriswheel, Fess, Lamonster, Viperboy, RemolinoFeroz, Motzy, Maximtomato, Charlie Wu, pregnantand16, Banger, Mulan, Leo, surskim, iWater, saffron, & more at Melee’s longest running tournament series!
    • Stream: MeleeEveryday and thesmashingillini

  • MYTH 3 (London)
    • Featuring: Frenzy, Melee Stats’ Abbe (Ballin’) and Sharp(mada), max, Kins0, Kingu, Fat TIIIIINOOOOOOOOOOOOO, 23, teenage Puff prodigy Jamie, still the best tag of all time 10QuidShoes, Okameed, mordo, R23, GG, Lil Chief, Thai, Stranger, Schima, Xardov, Pi, astar, high-level Pichu main Silas, Kidder, CptNebula, HoorayForJay, the demon of EU Anther’s NRJee, Modentor, Antz, Zepple, GOON, Neproxin, Leeum, Skips, Mad4Men, Ivy, Pafos, lum, Aiika, Nightstar, Chaler, TheDerp, BaldMan, Nomad, Picky, Marzipann, ECS, SwarmEngine, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

  • Domino Effect: North (Alberta)
    • Featuring: jess*, Graves, 2saint slayer Beezy, Duckrobin, Daz, Odin, Krizski, chaka, Venison, Symbol, Muxedo, RATS, & more at this new iteration of PNW’s monthly series!
    • Stream: dominoeffectssb

  • The Smash Inn’ 3 (France)
    • Featuring: Jah Ridin’, raoul, Tekk, Djagof, Exy-, Touffe, Shotwin, Link69, & more!
    • Stream: Bronol

Sun. (11/6)

  • BattleGateWay #37 (Japan)
    • Featuring: An invading dansdaman against the field of Inngenn, hutukamiman, sheik, Massun, Falpan, vugzi, gaR, WTS, Magpies!, Mittens, jmlee337, Zer0, Cryteria, & more at the final Platinum event for the Smash World Tour!
    • Stream: vgbootcamp

  • New Jersey Melee Arcadian 2022 (New Jersey…obviously)
    • Featuring: NJ PR Honorable Mention Freezus, Berger, gdawg, Mr. N, angst, StuntBeast, Axis, Abe, BubbleFuel, Gomi, S+Hiro, justiceforpersona, Lamp, & more unranked “trash”!
    • Stream: fuzzypixelgg

  • Shoot the Gun 3 (Scotland)
    • Featuring: Glaikit, ShiftingShadows, Phade, Sho, Maskless, Stylo, Jacob, Ryzon, Roryx, Jude, GROM, zondy, & more! Doubles is on Saturday if you want to watch one of the bastions of Melee Doubles!
    • Stream: edgy_murphy_

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “housing Solobattle for the week and it’s very fun!” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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