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Published November 18, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Apex 2022 (11/18 – 11/20)

Region: New Jersey

Stream: vgbootcamp and probably vgbootcamp2 and vgbootcamp4 but I can’t find a stream schedule to say for sure

Featuring: Zain, iBDW, Hungrybox, aMSa, Jmook, Axe, moky, n0ne, Ginger, Spark, Polish, Aklo, Zamu, bobby big ballz, 2saint, Jflex, Zuppy, Bbatts, Ben, Mot$, TheSWOOPER, Franz, Melee Stats’ Lunar Dusk, Logan, Rishi, Dawson, Kalvar, Drephen, Chem, Wally, JJM, Sirmeris, 404Cray, DrLobster, JoJo, Eggy, Justus, Just Jason, Kevin Maples, vortex, Mad Tyro, HOBORG, Error, Faye Myopia, Fishbait, Amida, Nancy’s bitch, Adwan, Freezus, Young Neil, Jesse (fka FMB5k), Louis, Brad, Tribe, Tommy, Stavino, DarkGenex (in doubles), Vinodh, Epoodle, Trail, YokaiNels, hexjo, Tempo, Foxy Grandpa (in doubles) bambi, Pig, Blake Grey, 2can, totally butts, Willy P, Jank, Ryan, mossy mat, TheAsianOne, Nation, Axis (the Falcon and the Marth), gdawg, Oferton, Poonslayer7, Asidyx (in doubles), Snacks!, Berger, Warriorknight, LLDL, trilok, Shimkoko, Ben Snape, ac3r, Daniel, JHTL, Gomi, Metal Reaper, Gclem, BMOHC, Walby, Abe, bbeanLI, KayB, StuntBeast, Pulch, BubbleFuel, OG Kid, Lamp, Citric, God is my Rock, & many more at the auspicious return of New Jersey’s major series and the final big event of the Smash World Tour!

DreamHack Atlanta 2022 (11/18 – 11/20)

Region: Georgia

Stream: dreamhacksmash

Featuring: Mew2King, Krudo, Gahtzu, Panda, SFOP, Colbol, Grab, Wevans, Panko, Voo, htwa, prof, Captain G, MOF, Kuya, Stone, Oaty, Sodabro, Paladin, fknsilver, POG Epic Gamer, Den, Sefunmi, ADMJ, jetBBL, Kero, Dusk, Zasa, Midnight Blue, bc, SDeems, N12, Travy, Salamander, Chipotle+, Nojump, Unoriginal, Dublat, Audrey, Profanity, Rooster, Supersponge, bag, moose, Sigh, Nera, GAwes, Afmbot, Tubesssbm, Wills (winning doubles), & many more competing for the final qualifying spots at the Panda Cup!

Fri. (11/18)

  • Front Runners #3 (London)
    • Featuring: Newly converted official Fox main (but actually this time?) Kingu, 23, 10QuidShoes, Okameed, mordo, Kidder, CptNebula, GOON, Picky, Quartered Top 8’er SwarmEngine, DRAIG, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash


Sat. (11/19)

  • BOPME 22 (Indiana)
    • Featuring: Michael410000000000000000000000, essy, shabo, Q?, JustJoe, Blue, Preeminent, Balloon Day, Hefty Pecker Rod, coffee, Killablue, GI0GOAT, Latin, Unsure, IMDRR, SSB_Seal, Frost, Phrigid, Forest, voorhese, Dao, Bagels, Dragoid, Palate, FeelinGood, Kumi, Jopps, Life, Tuesday, niko, macdaddy69, mase, Narra, Jackie, Suidt, z0na, dalbull, Charlie Wu, saffron, Slippi dev team goat Nikki, & more at what might be the actual most notable event of the weekend!
    • Stream: MeleeEveryday

  • Smash Fusión (Chile)
    • Featuring: Chape, Raikin, Roche, Dark, Mave, NyxTheShield, Lopino, Drop, NDJ, CronoNes, AnonimoN, Ilde, Dualscars, & more of Melee Chileno’s best!
    • Stream: ssbong

  • The Pacific Northwest Arcadian 2022 (Washington)
    • Featuring: Valk, ChefTony, ganobrator, dkuo, chaka, Melo, weed lesbian, techno, Dynamite!, PapaNoJohns, Saint Vong, Seesaw, Sox, Silvi, lula, Wolfdren, Flex, N8v, Ukemelee, Brub, VMPR, Chance, zapwad, Gsp, Hufff, & plenty of PR players in doubles!
    • Stream: Level1_TV

  • Da Kiekste Wa?! III (Germany)
    • Featuring: Nicki, Charon, NRW-Mann (aka Kobobi), lilfroozy, yung Ullrich, 3rd, Nikstrat, BoffTarget, G Pipes, Marley, BananaMarmelade, Ophis, Lele, & more at the BerlinSmash Circuit Finale!
    • Stream: BerlinSmash

  • Östis 2022 (Finland)
    • Featuring: Solobattle, Raptori, mayhem092, Paju, Acke, Niku, Haffuer, saska, Eideeiit, ducc, Jonttier, & more!
    • Stream: SmashFinland2

Sun. (11/20)

  • M Series #6 (Maryland)
    • Featuring: Khryke, eve, Maelstrom, Vintage, Douglas.J.Gov, Nurok, Professor Peen, Milo, shoelegend88, Quote, Mo $, Kandayo, Takeshi, Bard, Louise, & more!
    • Stream: baltimoremelee

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “malfunctioning at an alarming rate” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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