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Published November 15, 2019

DreamHack Atlanta (11/15-17)
Region: Ga, EST

Streams: RecursionGG, DreamHackSmash
Featuring: Mew2King, S2J, n0ne, Captain Faceroll, Spark, Hax$, Colbol, Magi, Kalvar, Drephen, Ryan Ford, HugS, bobby big ballz, King Momo, Krudo, billybopeep, Wevans, TheSWOOPER, Reeve, HTwa, Sinbad, MoG, Grab, Komodo, HiFi, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, A Rookie, Skittles LSD, Kuya, Voo, Dublat, more. They should call this event “Peaches and Dream(Hack)” or something. Because of Georgia. There aren’t that many Peach players unless you count all the Wallys.
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Saturday,  Nov. 16

Smash Hall: Melee at the Biergarten
(N.J, EST)
Stream: SIGMelee
Featuring: Swedish Delight, E-tie, Panos, Fable, Rasen, Qerb.

Smash Out 2019
(Mo, CST)
Stream: Blandeezy
Featuring: Zamu, Bobby Frizz, Vista, Travioli, Reesch, OG Swaglord, Dansdaman, Deepz, Liberate.

Battlegateway #29
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: probably either Bozitoma, aMSaYoshi, or WatchSSBM.
Featuring: Sanne, Shippu, Shunsuke, sheik, Kobobi, beld78, Natsu, NEG, Ayaka, gaR, WTS, Plata, and I guess I’ll also include Okameed.

Der Klok | Djoekenborg Smash 10
(Netherlands, UTC+1)
Stream: st0rmetom
Featuring: Fout NL, Jim Morrison, nebbii, Renzo, skullbro.

(N.C, EST)
Stream: ender115

Orange County Melee Arcadian 2019
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: UCIMelee

Send Noobs 2: Send Even More Noobs
(Ill, CST)
Stream: MeleeEveryday

Sunday, Nov. 17

WeTecThose X
(N.L, CST)
Stream: lykon735
Featuring: Aza, ESPONJA, Valdo, .jpg, Yu Dream Tekkai.

Highlander Con 2019 Fall
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: UCRMelee
Featuring: Kürv, Franz, Shoyo.

Gator Games 12
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: probably TopShelfEsports

NCA November 2019
(Austria, UTC+1)
Stream: SFSmash

SuperMeleePression #7
(France, UTC+1)
Stream: SylpheGaming

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