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Published May 5, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Wisdom Melee (5/6)

Region: Minnesota

Stream: CodySchwab (main); TeamOXY (quad)

Featuring: Cody Schwab, KoDoRiN, Ginger, Spark, Zamu, KJH, Ben, shabo, Squid, Slowking, Preeminent, Lowercase hero, Reesch, Joey Donuts, lexor, Nakamaman, JCubez, Landon, Slayer, Brazmonkey, Michael D. Kiefer, Shifty, the only YouTube commenter worth reading SSB_Seal, Negat!ve, fiveman1, Fess, Jim, Studkip, Sigma, Zam, Chort (fka Thom), Maple, RanD, Tr4shJ4ck, Lamonster, Amanze, Banger, GDubs, Wisely, kfiebs, Ashley, Wohlgey, oh, e-mo, Zen, ATM, Alice, Trill Jake, Tarik, EpicallyTOssed, & more at the Mall of America!

MD/VA Summit (5/5 – 5/7)

Region: MDVA

Stream: ZainNaghmi

Featuring: Kevin Maples, Khryke, mvlvchi, Maelstrom, Frostbyte, Juicebox, Prometheus, Vintage, eve, Sillito (aka Sillie Willie), RapM, Anakin, CBass, Nurok, Daniel, reese, egg, Ryan, John Llawless, MC David, & more!

NorCal Arcadian 7 (5/6)

Region: NorCal

Stream: guildhouse

Featuring: SpacePigeon, Iron, Aerius, $limChang, biscuito, RedX, Maybe, Liang, Zander, vesper, PeachIcedT, Phorox, MrG, JAMEPS, rainy, Zhyrri, noChill, CardsNG, Denzill, BQ, fenceturtle, QTP, Nuggets, NathanSandwich, TreyTheTrashman, Darksilence, Juma, dom, A Rogue Hotdog, C42D, PJ, Neferitou, smus, IBS$20, Rebel Scum, Kenji, PoeFire, Jet, Megaman, Tash, Niconics, Yetis Exist, SquidTheCat, Bilit, Rato, Nick Allen, Kombeze, Sirjaxism, Vs, contruuuuuuuh, & more of NorCal’s finest unranked trash!

Fri. (5/5)

  • Tripoint Smash 188 (Chicago)
    • Featuring: Michael, Eggy, Ober, Ferocitii, Unsure, ORLY, Olivia :3, chef, Josh, Trevor, maxxoo, lexi!, & more!
    • Stream: ugsgaming2

  • Boatercycle’s Online Bash (Online)
    • Featuring: JSalt, 20,000 Lions, Brutalrattle, Sailor Lunes, Zinc, Megaman, DevDogg, dang3r, Fire Sheep, & more at this event supporting trans rights!
    • Stream: Boatercycle4

Sat. (5/6)

  • Cincinnati Smash Classic XII (Ohio)
    • Featuring: essy, Balloon Day, Iceking, Suidt, Aubergine, Simian, Freky, Charlie Wu, Thunders of the titular combo, Fleetwood Flynn (aka Needlemier), McDunzo, ShotoNC, & more!
    • Stream: CincinnatiMelee

  • Giga HoG: Redemption 2 (Connecticut)
    • Featuring: DrLobster, Q, Arty, Guex, Tommy, Petey Walnuts, Arn255, robi, BINGHI, Jammer, & more!
    • Stream: HoG_CT

  • HTS #12 (Germany)
    • Featuring: Charon, astar, irfan, Parsecco, Schima, JFrank (fka Raisem), yung Ullrich, Nopia, Nikstrat, DerFasan, G Pipes, Magik, & more!
    • Stream: ProjectHIVEofficial

  • House of Blues #6 (Indiana)
    • Featuring: Michael, my dear friends Blue and Latin, Olivia :3, macdaddy69, Kumi, Acid, dalbull, Narra, saffron, & more!
    • Stream: SSBMBlue

  • Moe’s Tavern (Norge)
    • Featuring: voff3, Rich, Little Bear, Martin, Oldiz, G.I. Moe, Viktor Alsos, Toa, Shinzou, Fairy, Catzors, & more brulters!
    • Stream: None, but it should have some interesting results to watch out for!

  • Spring Flowers 3 (Online)
    • Featuring: DevDogg netplay bracket regulars who want to celebrate Spring!
    • Stream: DevDoggXX

Sun. (5/7)

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Fourside Fighter and Loser” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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