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Published May 26, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Combo Breaker 2023 (5/26 – 5/28)

Region: Chicago

Stream: MeleeEveryday

Featuring: Magi, Joshman, Polish, Skerzo, Smash Papi, Ben, Grab, Michael, Mekk, Wevans, Slowking, Eggy, KoopaTroopa895, Preeminent, prof, Ober, Lowercase hero, Zeo, Laudandus, Reesch, Chango, Ferocitii, Killablue, MOF, Peanutphobia, Arpy, Porkers, Pleeba, GI0GOAT, Toph, Vorporal, Ellis, Forest, top commentator SSB_Seal, Kumi, Jade, fiveman1, tomdollars, Olivia :3, Sheep, Professor Pizza, lovestory4a, Judas, world traveling Puff Emps, Yony, Rayboyp, Iceking, Dr. Z, Captain Crack, OG Kid, 13stealduck, snacklepackle, Scythe, meleesadposts, Zam, kaden, kneemaster12, Jib, Certified, Bobo, Kadence, Slime, trahh, Wisely, DJSwerve, CRACKDOG, Pops (not the campy one), kneemaster12, SlickSiwik, Fry, Poseidon, dang3W, kneemaster12, turndownforwalt, Nobody Knows, trade war, kneemaster12, & more!

Fri. (5/20)

  • Flight Center Friday: #13 (New Hampshire)
    • Featuring: Kalvar, bonfire10, Golden, Electroman, Dr. Lame, MEAT, Sweat, MOOP, Catfish, Basil, RadioNights, stocmoney, & more!
    • Stream: Kalvarr

Sat. (5/27)

  • Lawless #28 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, Franz, Kürv, nut, Casper, Life, social engineer, s-f, Mootook, Kevon, Tonkatsu, Melee Statss’ Vessel, & more!
    • Stream: verylocalmelee

  • Event Horizon (Texas)
    • Featuring: Salt, SDJ, The Leaf, Stone, IdkHowCutKiwiSoEatSkinOn (Cilan), Bungo, Howdy, Haunter, Umbr, GUESS MONSTER, Pops, Knux, Rukyy, Fives, & more!
    • Stream: TexasMelee

  • Reign 7 (Washington)
    • Featuring: Umarth, Iceman, Jello, Stiv, Connect4Balls, Silvi, Ukemelee, ganobrator, Melo, Joshuwasha, Zvara, dkuo, ChefTony, Saint Vong, lula, RubiconMarie, PapaNoJohns, VMPR, 44, Flex, probably high, Pikmon, Chance, callahan, & more!
    • Stream: Level1_TV

  • Rocketown Rumble #2 (Tennessee)
    • Featuring: Paladin, POG Epic Gamer, Unoriginal, bc, CeeLew, Rooster, signify, WatchingTime, Xtreme, sinkingwithseals, sive, & more!
    • Stream: TennesseeMelee

Sun. (5/28)

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “high roller server” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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