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Published May 12, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Low Tide City 2023 (5/13 – 5/14)

Region: Texas

Stream: btssmash2 (Main); btssmash (Top 8)

Featuring: Axe, lloD, Magi, Salt, Skerzo, SDJ, Wevans, Smash Papi, Palpa, Mekk, Kalvar, prof, Ober, Justus, rabit!, Fable, The Leaf, Will Pickles, DarkGenex, spotdodge/upthrowrest me (Cilan), Kero, Stone, Absentminded, Haunter, Majersk, Bungo, Jade, Umbr, Michael D. Kiefer, AlyJ, Howdy, Fury, GUESS MONSTER, BonsaiWarrior, gpie, william1, SadSack, mas gato, Sozin, panny, OG Kid, Hyruler, panny, Knux, Socktastic, Oswald, Wubbs, Cast, PYDAWALTUH (fka Grognar), fallen, Not Thor, Yuse, Mariposa, Nich, Sethibuns, Redrum, Barnard’s Loop, & more at the first LTC of the year!

Avant la Fête (5/14)

Region: United Kingdom

Stream: PhoenixSmash

Featuring: Trif, Professor Pro, Frenzy, Sharp, max, Nicki, Jah Ridin’, Fat Tino, Moe, LunarySSF2, Rikzz, Fout NL, Question, R23, 23, Squeachu, Happymealz, Pi, GG, 10QuidShoes, RestlessWhale, mordo, lilfroozy, HoorayForJay, Aiika, Rich, Laurster, Jacob <3, CptNebula, Nobody, Neproxin, Zepple, stylo!! :33, King Funk, EuO, Mad4Men, Zapp, GOON, Lima Bean, Ryzon, NoPressure1, AC, sauske_uchiha122 (Tanki), Picky, SwarmEngine, lum, Marzipann, Chaler, Marles Barkley, ECS, NetBoy, JoMo, zondy, Food and drink, Pilot, Bill, Moby, Sparking!!, Pjon, Useth, Jaysotee, BiGMaks, Leon Massey, & more!

Creed II (5/13)

Region: Philadelphia

Stream: BrotherlyLovePhl

Featuring: SluG, Junebug, 2saint, Krudo, Jflex, Khryke, Chem, Mot$, Dawson, JJM, Stango, 404Cray, Bekvin, HOBORG, Jude (fka Error, fka Greasy), Louis, Epoodle, IceFreezer304, Panos, WAMatt, Dimension, Jumbo Goku Jointz, Fudge, Young Neil, lynxwynx, Slypig, Porkers, Stavino, bambi, soap, Berger, Axis, mossy mat, ight, Blake Grey, totally butts, funniest commentator in the venue Jorge, Quist, Ben Snape, Metal Reaper, EdwinBuddingFan (skaht), 1bm, Kandayo, Krispy, Ragnite, DIO, Visk, Joey-Laces, phillyhoops, ABSO, Jaydyn, SaveAsUntitled on commentary, & more!

Fri. (5/12)

  • Running Spring Finale (Texas)
    • Featuring: lloD, Skerzo, SDJ, Wevans, Smash Papi, Palpa, Mekk, Kalvar, n3zModGod, rabit!, Fable, The Leaf, Kero, Stone, Bungo, Umbr, william1, gpie, mas gato, Hyruler, Knux, Cast, Rukyy, PYDAWALTUH, Nich, Sethibuns (in doubles), & more at this Low Tide City prelocal!
    • Stream: RoundhouseAntics

  • Front Runners #7 (London)
    • Featuring: Professor Pro, Kingu, max, Jah Ridin’, Fat Tino, Moe, LunarySSF2, Fout NL, 23, Okameed, Happymealz, 10QuidShoes, Rich, CptNebula, sauske_uchiha122 (Tanki), Picky, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

Sat. (5/13)

  • Float 2 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Zuppy, Faust, SwabbinThePoopdeck, Maher, Neologism, Dope, Koobie, grape ape, Rabbit, LilMitts, LXIX, PRIN$E, lilmark0, Ninor, Medley, liluwuzivert, r/ssbm | VicVuci, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • Lawless #27 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, Casper, Venelox, salami, Life, Kevon, Melee Statss’ Vessel, & more!
    • Stream: ssbm_schmoop

  • Lan ETS 2023 (Quebec)
    • Featuring: Lunar Dusk, Squid, Legend, Tokage, Seb, I’m Michael BTW, Anvil, Manticore, Crumbling, FatMax, Moro Astray, & more!
    • Stream: SSBMontreal

  • The Monthly Pivot 1 (Kansas)
    • Featuring: Slowking, Reesch, Gameboyjr, Bobby Frizz, Fess, Gaz!, Lemonjuices, Studkip, Schnurb, LeZagna, Maple, SPIRE_FAN, Silipro, KcBlue, yung pkay, Wohlgey, & more!
    • Stream: KCEsportsArena

  • HavenDash 14 (Rhode Island)
    • Featuring: Electroman, Bank, meep, Guex, Artelind, MEAT, ETHAN BURKE, RyuCloud, Tichinde925, & more!
    • Stream: ri_broadcasting

Sun. (5/14)

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “second consecutive wedding weekend” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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