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Published May 10, 2019

Saturday, May 11 

NorCal Arcadian 6
(NorCal, PDT)
Stream: NorCalMelee
Featuring: Lego, mar, Traplord, blargh257, Notorious, theunabletable, Arcadia, Trock, Imyt, R.O.M., Onregon, Aerius, Zander, and other folks hoping to join the ranks of Laudandus, Bardull, Dewky, Weedlar, and Azel. This will be the most interesting tourney of the weekend for nerds.
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Mass Madness 27
(Mass, EDT
Stream: GameUnderground
Featuring: Slox, Kalvar, BIGKID, bonfire10, Silver, squible, Rasen, Warmmer, and probably some other good New Englanders.
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UW Tournament Series: The Night Before GOML
(Ont, EDT)
Stream: UWSmashClub
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Soonsay, Xplore, Zuppy, Matteo, Briefs, and a confusing title that made me double check the date of GOML.

Here Be Mid Tiers 6
(Mich, EDT)
Stream: YpsilantiSmash
Featuring: KJH, Quang, Morsecode762, Heartstrings, JCubez, Kuyashi, Butterdonkey, Toast, Sheep, Toastdonkey, Buttersheep, IDCrisis, Colony, other good Michiganders.

Smash The Lan
(Qué, EDT)
Stream: probably SSBMontreal
Featuring: Kage, MorKs, Marko, GoDiegoGo.
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SmashCorts #13
(Spain, UTC+2)
Stream: SmashBrosCat
Featuring: Overtriforce, SchlimmShady, Malmortis.

MasterHand 45
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: Kounotori_SSBM
Featuring: nagaimo, Kounotori, NEG, Natsu.

New Wave 3
(U.K, UTC+1)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Silas, inzane, Luke, Branspeed, Aiken, Liberz, and more UnranKed players haha get it? UK.

Pride and Melee 20xx: The Revival of the Revival of Melee Puebla Saga of the G!
(Pue, CDT)
Stream: NovaGamingSmash
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NCA Mai 2019
(Austria, UTC+2)
Stream: SFSmash

Beat the Heat! 7
(Fla, EDT)
Stream: JuicyGameNight
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Sunday, May 12

Your Melee Event For Which You Did Not Link The Stream Anywhere (Your Area, Your Timezone)
Stream: I Don’t Know
Featuring: Maybe some good players, but who can really know that they’re at the event if the stream on which they appear isn’t advertised in any way?
» Happy Mother’s Day

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), reach out on Twitter or here in the comments.

Sam “The bad audio editing In MasterChef Junior” Greene can be found on Twitter @ding_mas.

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