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Published March 3, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Kill Roy: Volume 6 (3/4)

Region: Indiana

Stream: mang0

Featuring: Cody Schwab, Zamu, Skerzo, Mekk, Grab, shabo, Eggy, Q?, Blue, Reeve, Preeminent, Fraggin&Laggin (aka Rik), Killablue, Lowercase hero, Balloon Day, Era of the 5 Gods anthropologist coffee, Latin, IMDRR, the only person who should have a Twitter Papa, Unsure, macdaddy69, Azzu, Dao, Frost, Phrigid, the netplay moky slayer Blandeezy, SSB‾Seal, Kumi, Forest, Palate, Indiana hidden boss Nicky, Bagels, Tuesday, niko, 3HUNA, Dragoid, Thunders, Life, Lanceinthepants (in doubles), Jackie, Acid, tomdollars, lovestory4a, Thom, Lawngarms, Wens, 13stealduck, Knubs., Matwood, Suidt, Thrive, Charlie Wu, Schlag, Adin, Samusown, Leo, Wagr0, BananaSack, AlCoda, Pringles, Sunshine, AkinRapt0r, & more!

Sweet Spot 7 (3/4 – 3/5)

Region: Kansas

Stream: st_pat

Featuring: Fiction, Magi, Kürv, Slowking, nut, Casper, Reesch, Gameboyjr, Jade, Bobby Frizz, Shifty, Gaz!, Studkip, Captain Crack, Michael D. Kiefer, Schnurb, Lemonjuices, JB IV, Pipe, Cuda, w0mp303, Banger, yung pkay, OG Moonslide, Psoup, Obamallama, dyno, Treecko, & more!

Change? (3/4)

Region: Georgia

Stream: pankoooooooooo

Featuring: Colbol, Panko, CAUP, SDeems, POG Epic Gamer, fknsilver, RyGuy, Dusk, Den, Sefunmi, bc, Austintacious, audrey, bag, MOOSE, Papa Smurf, & BEMI commentary goat Wills (in doubles) at this Georgia invitational!

Fri. (3/4)

  • Midwest Melee Madness 27 (Kansas)
    • Featuring: Kürv, Slowking, Gameboyjr, Shifty, Gaz!, Michael D. Kiefer, w0mp303, Rahma Noodles, dyno, & more who will be attending Sweet Spot!
    • Stream: KCEsportsArena

Sat. (3/5)

  • Somnio (Nederland)
    • Featuring: max, skullbro, Renzo, Fout NL, Aaron, Happymealz, $TYN, Jim Morrison, nebbii (in doubles), noon, AdamDutchie, Psylo, Nuckels (in doubles), Noxxa, Risc, RestlessWhale, NVZ, Mezzy, Mihi, NekoKaze, ThommyN, Xin, epikfaal, serket, Grolex, KoningBadaap, Rabbitalex, Friso, Spirits, DestiKnee, zeventien, vlerk, Nago my Nagoat, DJ PJ757, Danubi, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • Almost Heaven 4 (West Virginia)
    • Featuring: Sirmeris, Jada_TBK (long may they reign), CakeAssault, Slypig, Just, Smash Summit 9 nominee Ben Snape, JHTL, Sarlo, Unfair, Answer, ZHammer, Belgish, WeissClimbers, Torsional Strain, KidneyBeans, Bar Lucci Drinking Champion Jonny “Gumball” Gamble, & more!
    • Stream: WVUSmashWeekly

  • Cowtown 3: Cowpatrick’s Day (Colorado)
    • Featuring: Fizzwiggle, DD, Russell, polear, Conman, Cheunk, Third Strongest, James Jr, blorppppp, DSJ, Rrob, WizP, Gingerham, Sayren, RIZ, SpecialK, Jab, Hada, & more!
    • Stream: GreeleyGoonsMelee

  • Siren Showdown (Texas)
    • Featuring: SDJ, The Leaf, Stone, Bungo, Howdy, Peachy Keen, X-Rey, billy mays crack cocaine, GXM, Hyruler, Ein, Knux, Evanyo, Scorpion, Mariposa, Mijo, SirTaco, & more!
    • Stream: TourneyLocator

Sun. (3/6)

  • Dawnstar Day! (Virginia)
    • Featuring: Zain, funny commentator Junebug, JOJI, MOM!, Redd, Maelstrom, Vintage, C-bass, SypherPhoenix, Nurok, funnier commentator Jorge, egg, BS, Quote, & more!
    • Stream: None sadly, but definitely keep your eye out on the results!

  • RCADIA SMASH 4 (Germany)
    • Featuring: Nicki, King, Parsecco, Schima, Zluchs, DeaconBlues, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • TomorrowLAN 2023 (New Brunswick)
    • Featuring: Inky, NSFrog, clomz0, AJC, Slab Crab, Drizzy, Josh MagBrag, Eastea, PET RA, Poké Floats enjoyer Legs, & more!
    • Stream: smash_nb

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “desperately trying to finish JoJolion so I can start JOJOLands” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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