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Published March 29, 2019

Battle of BC 3 (3/30-31)
Region: B.C, PDT

Streams: EndGameTV1 and UBCEsports (multistream), then VGBootCamp for top 8
Featuring: Zain, Axe, S2J, SFAT, HugS, Hax$, Shroomed, moky, Ka-Master, Iceman, R2DLiu, Aura, Espi, Fauxhebro, Quaff, lovage, Elliot, Toph, and a lot of ranked PNW folks.
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Saturday,  March 30

Murked 4 The People
(U.K, UTC)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Setchi, Frenzy, Timi, Jah Ridin’, Moe, UnHaven, R23, Alpha Dash, RashAttack, Mordo.

Liquid Crystal Melee #3
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: watchssbm
Featuring: Bladewise, Shippu, Sanne, Gucci, Falpan, Masan, Plata, muro, KOTO, NEG, Natsu.

Quarterly Rapport 5
(N.J, EDT)
Stream: SIGMelee
Featuring: Qerb, TheSWOOPER, PudgyPanda, Panos, Clutch, Zealous5000, Miffee, Tempo.
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Repon Melee 5
(N.L, CST)
Stream: Lykon375
Featuring: Valdo, .jpg, Monty, ChinoMx.
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Smash in Wittenberg 5
(Germany, UTC+1)
Stream: GeekyGoonSquad
Featuring: Nicki, Däumling, Charon, Fatman.spam, 4tilt, Kobobi, Kins0, FrozenLight, Rikzz, Luma.
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Sweet Spot 5
(Kan, CDT)
Stream: TechChaseStudios
Featuring: Bobby Frizz, Shinobi, Iifter, Reesch, GuardKnight, Gameboyjr.
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FastFall Hiver 19
(Qué, EDT)
Stream: SSBMontreal
Featuring: Kage, Damian Tyson, Lunar Dusk, Marko, Georges, Tokage.
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Super Bit Wars 7
(Okla, CDT)
Stream: HXCGamingEvents
Featuring: hamyojo, dansdaman, SDJ, Lemonjuices, Brr, Teaspoon, Sledj, Steven Adams.
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Turbulence 2
(Iowa, CDT)
Stream: ssbmspaz

Slept On
(Md, EDT)
Stream: UMDSmash

Haugasmash #27
(Norway, UTC+1)
Stream: Haugasmash

Auburn Altercation #8
(Ala, CDT)
Stream: AlabamaSmashLeague
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Sunday, March 31

Redwolf Spring 2019
(Spain, UTC+1)
Stream: ETSIIMelee
Featuring: Trif, Overtriforce, Liax, Marah, GBlade, Mäjoras. Schedule is unclear but Sunday should be the end of the event.

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), reach out on Twitter or here in the comments.

Sam “dats me yellin” Greene can be found on Twitter @ding_mas.

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