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Published March 13, 2020

CEO Dreamland 2020
Region: Fla, EDT

Streams: PolarityGG then CEOGaming for top 8
Featuring: Hungrybox, Wizzrobe, n0ne, Gahtzu, Colbol, King Momo, Panda, Krudo, Wevans, Sinbad, Crunch, Leighton, Prof, Komodo, Chef Rach, Lad, more good Floridians. Who knows how many folks will actually be there but whatever.
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Don’t Stomp On Me
Region: Texas, CDT

Streams: BTSSmash
Featuring: Albert, bobby big ballz, SFOP, Arc, SDJ, Uncle mojo, ALP, Salt.

Saturday,  March 14

Back to the Melee! #1
(Spain, UTC+1)
Stream: SmashValladolid

LAN King Melee Monthly 3/14/20 (Utah, MDT)
Stream: LeftStickStudios

Sunday, March 15

Cheese League March 2020
(SA, UTC+10:30)
Stream: KPKaiza

Wash (Your, Hands)
Stream: The Water From The Sink
Featuring: Soap, all, over, your, hands.
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