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Published March 12, 2021

Weekend Headliners

LG Ginger’s Pot O’ Gold
Region: NA
Streams: ssbmginger and LGLoyal
Featuring: S2J, SFAT, Lucky, Ginger, LSD, KoDoRiN, Gahtzu, Magi, bobby big ballz, 2saint, Rocky, Ryobeat, Zamu, Azel, Dawson, Fliinchy, Vincessant, LLDL, Bones, Jflex, Younger, Dope, Logos, Umarth, Slowking, 404cray, Ben, unlucky, Egg$, Unsure, SDJ, K8A, MOF, Ober, Pleasantries, Panos, Joey Donuts, Fishbait, Epoodle, Yingling, and others who will sign up later.

Friday, March 5


East Coast Fridays #152

Featuring: 2saint, Lotfy, and a ton of the EC

Rollback Rumble: NA West VI

Featuring: S2J, rocky, Kurv, bobby big ballz, soccermom69, Pappi, Justus, general WC people

Spacieville #4

Featuring: Pappi, MOF, Warmmer, expect more from the EC

Kent Combo Online #16

Featuring: Presumably PGH, NEOH, and Midwest people

State of Affairs: Season 2, Episode 6
Featuring: LLDL, Blahguy, Phrigid, Killablue

Saturday, March 6

Rollback Rumble: NA East III
Region: NA
Streams: thewaffle77
Featuring: Ginger, 2saint, Zuppy, Travioli, Bones, Komodo, Lotfy, Ben, BZimm, Damian Tyson (!!!), Ober, Fizz (Fox), probably others

Saturday Night Levo #9

Featuring: Leffen (EU), Frenzy (EU), MINT (EU), Solobattle (EU), Liax (EU), raoul (EU), RedBlaze (EU), 4tilt (EU), Meady (EU), Kingu (EU), SDJ (WC),

S@PS 111

Stream: PSUSmashMelee
Featuring: Melee Stats Patron Ben Snape & others


WIN $100 – The Bean Collective MELEE

Featuring: Bones, Equilateral, rice


Jugaos Netplay 18

Featuring: Rocket, Elysian and others from Mexico


4 Star Clash #42

Featuring: Chicago (no one notable has signed up as of the time I’m writing this, but I’d be surprised if this stayed the case)


Smash Brews #17

Featuring: Dekar, Fess, Cailan, DonB, probably other good players from Melbourne


Sunday, March 7

lgbt episode 18: admit it. kirby is a lesbian

Featuring: Vaporeon, Hua and likely other very friendly Gaylee people

Stay Silent Series Online Melee Tournament

Featuring: JCAM, Excel_Zero, Stifff, and other people from LatAm

Kalvar Cup #3, thnks fr the MMOMemories

Featuring: dudutsai and a ton of New England who haven’t signed up yet

Melee at Slippi Sundays #32 *Region Locked* #FreeMelee

Featuring: Literally no one has signed up yet, but based on past events, expect a ton of Ohio and the Midwest’s mid-level to show up. Maybe Drephen?

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best. If an event is not on here, its organizers likely did not mention a specific stream on its information pages. That, or I just sincerely missed it/was running on deadline.

Edwin “wishing a very unpleasant day to every private health care insurance executive in America” Budding can be reached on Twitter @edwin_budding.

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