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Published March 10, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Collision 2023 (3/10 – 3/12)

Region: New Jersey

Stream: HouseOf3000 (Main Stream); btssmash (Quad Stream); CollisionSeriesTV (Top 8)

Featuring: Zain, Cody Schwab, aMSa, Hungrybox, Jmook, Axe, KoDoRiN, 16-star runner moky, lloD, Magi, Aklo, 2saint, Ginger, Krudo, Spark, Polish, Trif, Zuppy, Swift, KJH, Jflex, Rishi, Junebug, Lunar Dusk, Dawson, Wally, Skerzo, Mot$, Bbatts, Grab, Ben, JJM, Khalid, explosive combo’er Khryke, Chem, DrLobster, nut, Panko, Akir, shabo, Kalvar, 404Cray, Kingu, bonfire10, Fizzwiggle, JoJo, Jah’ Ridin, Matteo, Preeminent, Captain Smuckers, Inky, skullbro, Juicebox, Lowercase hero, Okameed, Guava, DannyPhantom, WorkGladge’r Paladin, GG/Princess DI, Heartstrings, Chango, Louis, Foxy Grandpa, HOBORG, cupofwater, Panos, lexor, eve, Unsure, 10QuidShoes, Maelstrom, K8A, Dimension, Error, Tommy, Tazio (aka Insightful, aka Tazio), Jumbo Goku Jointz, lilfroozy, GodTouch, Freezus, Agent, Miffee, Seal, Fudge, Tribe, Arty, Brad, Stavino, Billz, danilo calamari, codeman, Porkers, hexjo, Den, Xardov, Daniel, Awesome Video Games, Maher, lynxwynx, Shmeeli, Adwan, regEx, Vinodh, Rayboyp, bambi, EduPorp, Midnight Blue, Jade, Switch, OtES, Dr. Lame, ight, Milo, NoPressure1, Gclem, Vorporal, TheAsianOne, Tarchwood, chaka, Future Shock, Nation, SALTONE, Petey Walnuts, Walby, Just Nate, Nurok, Ryan, NJzFinest, OG Kid, Joe(y) Bats, SnooSnoo, LXIX, Fahey, Quiggles, Mr. N, mankow, RustyPan, Gear, bbeanLI, Apollo, Frycook, Higgins, BINGHI, FF, Artan, angst, ayeGiohh, BubbleFuel, Swampy, HFG, Citric, Ben Snape, Treeaye, Domke, #1 Edwin Budding Fan skaht, Jah, a horse who can drive, KoopaKev, Bot Matt, Abe, Axis, 1bm, EddieTheKid, 33 toes, Poonslayer7, Zam, Gomi, plush, BMOHC, Wonder, Abel, Full Synchro, lilmark0, FidelCastro (better known as Edwin Budding), Womb!, TSB, tezlik, Kandayo, JBs, Phil D. Beverage, MonkHB, phillyhoops, Unfair, saucymain, KingNut, Lio, Louise, epengu, Ex-Girlfriend, Badboi, 22K, Only Noobs TO Kadence, Kibbles, ABSO, stocmoney, dang3r, Bar Lucci Drinking Champion Jonny “Gumball” Gamble, & more!

Fri. (3/10)


Sat. (3/11)

  • Smash @ York (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Faust, Goosekhan, Liquid, PRIN$E, Rabbit, LilMitts, hardest working Peach Asuka, Coastward, Fire Sheep, & more!
    • Stream: Toronto_Melee

  • The ASSCADIAN 2 (Oregon)
    • Featuring: RubiconMarie, Keppler, J.O.A.T., Yalli, mister_person, Advanced Placement, VMPR, gcf_, Mucho Man Randy Passion, SpiderJew, Potion, Keystone, & more!
    • Stream: AdamsSmashSeries


Sun. (3/12)

  • BattleGateWay #39 (Japan)
    • Featuring: Sanne, Shunsuke, Falpan, Massun, sheik, muro, WTS, gaR, Jiano(!?!?), Cryteria, A&B, jmlee337, Donkos, eustess, Real Dingoes, kalne, Ryuenho Eternal Phoenix, Bap666, & more!
    • Stream: vgbootcamp


If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “listening to a lot of music by The Cardigans” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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