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Published June 29, 2018

This is When’s Melee, the weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any other streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), please give the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

CEO 2018 
Region: Fla. (EDT)

Streams: PolarityGG, VGBootCamp as the top 24 side stream, CEOGaming for top 8
Featuring: Hungrybox, Plup, Mew2King, Wizzrobe, SFAT, Zain, S2J, n0ne, Crush (may not be going), Swedish Delight, PewPewU, Shroomed, HugS, La Luna, lloD, ARMY, AbsentPage, KJH, Ginger, iBDW, Syrox, Colbol, Gahtzu, $mike, King Momo, Milkman, Cal, 2saint, Sharkz, Flipsy, Magi, and a lot more ranked players from the Southeast. Remember that top 8 is on Saturday.
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Awakening 4 
Region: Germany (UTC+2)

Streams: GeekyGoonSquad
Featuring: Ice, Professor Pro, Overtriforce, Amsah, Vanity Angel, Jah Ridin, Nicki, Kellner, Frenzy, Levingy, Timi, Däumling, Prinz, Sverre, Blaze, SchlimmShady, Ares, R23, and more ranked Europeans.
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Saturday, June 30

We Need Some Space 
(Ind, EDT)
Stream: GPSBroadcasting probably
Featuring: Kels, Michael, Reeve, Morsecode762, ORLY, PRZ, voorhese, Thexy, Pleasantries.
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SMSH 302 
(Alta, MDT)
Stream: SSBUniversity
Featuring: Sylarius, Krizski, Daz, Wamsa, T-Steak.
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The Arkansas Special – June Edition 
(Ark, CDT)
Stream: ARKFighters
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Summer Manitoba Melee Arcadian 
(Man, CDT)
Stream: ManitobaSmash
Though it’s an arcadian in an oft-neglected region, I had to include this because of the PR image they’ve used as a banner.

Sam “Big Pretzels Baby” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.
If you’re about to comment on Reddit about a tourney that isn’t on here, please mention its stream when you do so.

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