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Published June 24, 2022

Weekend Headliners

CEO 2022 (6/24 – 6/26)

Region: Florida

Stream: pandacup2 for Friday and Saturday; pandacup for Sunday’s Top 8

Featuring: Plup, Hungrybox, Magi, KJH, Kyle Krudo, Chem, Panda, Smashdaddy, Komodo, SDJ, Voo, Wevans, Akir, prof, Dimension, Sharkz, Stone, Darling (fka Flipsy), It’s a Wonderful World (aka 119j), Barraca, Sodabro, Franco,  Sneakywill, ADMJ, TsunamiPapi (aka KamiBuckets, aka GiganKami) Chipotle+, Walmart Shoes, Miranda, lean, sunriseXpress, Crim, Timebones, Nojump, Reviewer, an inevitable Covid outbreak, & many more in the first event of the Panda Cup!

MMOM 2022 (6/25)

Region: New England

Stream: AllstonMelee

Featuring: 2saint, DrLobster, Kalvar, Warmmer, cupofwater, bonfire10, Arkouda, glock in my toyota, Trail, JNaut, Kikoho, Guex, Clutch, Louis, Bank, Project, eveningstar, Top Player Yasu, Younger, Arty, Twisty, Dr. Lame, Hexjo, meep, Golden, Electroman, Awesome Video Games, Stacy’s Stepdad, een, Klaps, nolaserfalco, EduPorp, Silver, JoeST, Lamdin, Spades, 33 toes, Future Shock, DexterousChris, STOC$, two_knocks, & many more at the return of the New England’s premier regional event!

Fri. (6/24)

  • Tripoint Smash 148 (Chicago)
    • Featuring: New Guy, Mattchu, metroid (who plays Marth), Pablo, Fizz, evil lesbian, influenza, Zevith, & more! 
    • Stream: ugsgaming2
  • East Coast Fridays #212 (Online)
    • Featuring: Lunar Dusk & presumably a bunch of East Coast netplayers who won’t be at CEO!
    • Stream: Nothing official, but you can find some players streaming their runs!

Sat. (6/25)

  • City of Melee 18 (Victoria)
    • Featuring: SockMySon, SA Nick, GnomeDome, Goodie, rupert (fka melodiic), the only Peach who can ledgedash McCloud, DonB, Dekar, Fess, Microsoft J, Emps, sorry4partyrocking!, Cailan, sumirekt, RedX, Spinal, the finest commentary of any country, & many more at the first City of Melee in two and a half years!
    • Stream: rektgn

  • Austin Melee Summer Arcadian (Texas)
    • Featuring: Vivi, ZeldaFool, Nich, Hyruler, Case Henson, Umbr, Yuse, Happens,  Smooth, Angel666, Sunnyknight, GUESS MONSTER, JoGo, Razzle, Average Joe, panny, X…, Nintendoman, MoonMan, ChucklesTheCheat, dang3r, a bunch of super good PR players in doubles, & many more in what is basically a Texas-wide arcadian!
    • Stream: texasgamerslounge

  • Get to the Point #2 (Indiana)
    • Featuring: Michael41000000000, IMDRR,  macdaddy69, Pablo, Narra, pregnantand16, bigoldchub, dalbull, saffron, many of Indiana’s finest, and one of the current best rivalries in Melee: Blue vs. Latin!
    • Stream: ssbmblue
There’s a lot of good Melee to be seen on Saturday, like Bunny Hood II in the UK, Stomptown #8 in Oregon, James and Giant Woaj in Colorado, Active Melee in NorCal, & Bring The Heat in Scotland!

Sun. (6/26)

  • House of Smash #19 (Norge)
    • Featuring: Five people except those five are Velani, Sverre, Little Bear (fka Widl), Martin, and Rich!
    • Stream: SmashNorge

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Valiant Gargoyles are ruining my life” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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