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Published June 23, 2023

Weekend Headliners

CEO 2023 (6/23 – 6/24)

Region: Florida

Stream: PolarityGG

Featuring: Jmook, Plup, Hungrybox, Wizzrobe, Bbatts, Panda, Gahtzu, Wevans, MOF, Voo, prof, Akir, Ober, Equilateral, JCubez, Captain G, netplay fiend (which feels like an understatement) JChu at their first IRL event, Stone, Kuya, Sharkz, Franco, sinbad, simply in love (fka 119j), Sneakywill, Lad, Kero, Oaty, ADMJ, Emps somehow attending this and The Nightclub VIP 2, Captain Crunch (in doubles), Chipotle+, Nojump, Yony, Simmons, Barraca, PeachPants, Pulch, Hamburglar, Wizard’s Finger (aka Ketan J), not a five year old OG Kid, Profanity, Diltune, Fearless, Miranda, DJoy, CowCowCowCowCow, Carbon, Mati, Pace, Stockholm Syndrome, JAM, Rayd, Walmart Shoes, Saul, SandBag, Puppy, Afmbot, BiggPappa, SD Pnoy, Gaster, interguy8, Sigh, OhSix, K-so, Schmang, No More Mr. Nicefire, Reviewer, & more!

The Nightclub VIP 2 (6/24)

Region: New York

Stream: nycmelee

Featuring: Aklo, Zuppy, Swift, Jflex, Dawson, Mot$, TheSWOOPER, DrLobster, 404Cray, K8A, Tito JoJo, Epoodle, HOBORG, Captain Smuckers, Jude, Louis, Adwan, Trail, DarkGenex (in doubles), CakeAssault, Freezus, Maher, Tazio, Emps somehow attending this and CEO 2023, bonn, Electroman, Brad, Tribe, Zaza (fka Midnight Blue), Umma, Willy P, bambi, Kezzup, Vino, bbeanLI, Repeated OSHA Violator (aka YokaiNels), ilovebrooklyn99, HFG, angst, jubby, Anchor, BINGHI, Arias, Fahey, Mo $, poodleskirt, a horse who can drive, Abe, Travy, Gomi, Jib, epengu, MichaelTheFresh, kanye rest, FF, LLDL, TSB, Mr. N, Womb!, Kandayo, 5’10, Wonder, karol, & more!

BODIED 3 (6/24)

Region: Michigan

Stream: annarbormelee

Featuring: Ben, KJH, my current Marth inspiration Ossify, Q?, Balloon Day, Kuyashi, Unsure, Negat!ve, Azzu, Vorporal, Frost, Sheep, Zam, Olivia :3, Dragoid, Captain Cracc, Sp1nda, Rich, lovestory4a, Ferrety, Setton, Joka, Suidt, Freky, Charlie Wu, Taza, g0shine, SlickSiwik, Thunders of that one combo, helm, M1sf1re, Walrus, Soph, CAM, Noshi, Jasper, jakpox, Jeo, kneemaster12, Anasazi, MB-Smash, Baron, Horde, tenacity, & more waging a third war over Washtenaw!

Carnival Clash (6/25)

Region: Oregon

Stream: Level1_TV

Featuring: Spark, FatGoku (in doubles), Albert, nut, Khalid, Jello, Stiv, Fishbait, Graves, God’s Only Son, Yamasaki, SpiritGun, decoste, CMC 23 (Aura’s Fox), Silvi, Sandy, Jiffy, RubiconMarie, Ford$, Dr. Z, Mustache Massacre, FoosJr, ErodingSun, mister_person, Flex, Fourside Fighter The Cheat, Advanced Placement, J.O.A.T., Keystone, VMPR, SpiderJew, Plup slayer (he DQ’d) Yalli, probably high, Hard Reid, gcf_, Myke B, Potion, N8v, & more at a carnival!

Fri. (6/23)


Sat. (6/24)

  • LA Nexus IV (Louisiana)
    • Featuring: Magi, JSalt, rabit!, Gooms, Umbr, Worm, gpie, Phantom Airline, Jade, Sneaky Neek, william1, Hyruler, hibou, Tanya Degurechaff (aka Rukyy), Leftovers, cool john, & more!
    • Stream: LAMeleeVODS

  • Saints & Smashers – Until We Meet Again (London)
    • Featuring: Professor Pro, Zealot, Kingu, Fat Tino, 10QuidShoes, Aiika, Zepple, Most Wanted (Antz), Ivy, CptNebula, sauske_uchiha122 (Tanki), Skips, Picky, lum, ECS, SwarmEngine, Devin, Chaler, Nightstar, DJ PJ757, JoMo, Cappy, Bungle, Augs, Westers, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

  • Adam’s Smash Series #64: Carnival Cl[ass]h (Oregon)
    • Featuring: nut, Stiv, Graves, God’s Only Son, CMC 23 (Aura’s Fox), Noxdeseus, naxy, Jiffy, RubiconMarie, Ford$, Hurricane, Dr. Z, ErodingSun, mister_person, Advanced Placement, J.O.A.T., Keystone, VMPR, Mucho Man Randy Passion, Yalli, probably high, Hard Reid, Potion, N8v, & more at this Carnival Clash prelocal!
    • Stream: AdamsSmashSeries

  • Lawless #30 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, cliché, Alberto, Life, s-f, Mootook, Kevon, Melee Statss’ Vessel, & more!
    • Stream: verylocalmelee

Sun. (6/25)

  • KB Presents: Omega Regional (Texas)
    • Featuring: Absentminded, fitzy, iBeScalpingPS5s, SadSack, Tuesday, give you your flowers (aka Sethibuns), CRACKDOG, Chikin, & more!
    • Stream: KoopaBeta

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “starting a new job this week!!!” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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