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Published June 22, 2018

This is When’s Melee, the weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any other streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), please give the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

E/AZ June – Talking Stick Resort 
Region: Ariz. (MST)

Stream: BattleSeries
Featuring: Axe, AbsentPage, ARMY, La Luna, MikeHaze, Fiction, Tai, Eddy Mexico, Medz, Napkins, Ilovebagelz, Nerin, Andymosity, and a talking stick.
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Smashadelphia 2018 
(6/22 – 6/24)
Region: Penn. (EDT)
Stream: ClashTournaments
Featuring: Wizzrobe, lloD, Junebug, Drephen, Stango, Vincessant, Free Palestine (Milhous), Papa, Juicebox, Vickram, and Charles Martinet will be at the convention at which this tourney is held so you KNOW he’s hopping on commentary.
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2018 New England Invitational
(6/22 – 6/24)
Region: New England (EDT)
Stream: BigBlueGG
Featuring: Slox, lint, Kalvar, th0rn, Tiramisu, Ricky, Joyboy, BigFoig, GWM420, Pretty Good, dudutsai, bonfire10, Silver, Golden, Yasu, Seabass.
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Saturday, June 23

Overlords of Orlando 3 
(Fla, EDT)
Stream: Hungrybox
Featuring: Hungrybox, Crunch, Krudo, probably more ranked CFL players that will register at the door.
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D-Air Capital 6 
(Kan, CDT)
Stream: WichitaMelee
Featuring: Bobby Frizz, Schythed, Reesch, Flux, Gameboyjr, Mr. Gingey, Lemonjuices.
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Grand Capital Smash #8 
(Ont, EDT)
Stream: StreamlandSSB
Featuring: Kage, Legend, Lunar Dusk.
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Ground Zero: Smash! 
(Ohio, EDT)
Stream: OuterHavenEleague
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Apollo 7 
(Mo, CDT)
Stream: MoonbaseMarket
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DAT Eastern Front 
(UK, UTC+1)
Stream: DATTeamLive
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RPS: Smash in the Sun 
(Me, EDT)
Stream: RPSSmash
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June Versus Huntsville #18 
(Ala, CDT)
Stream: djtieske
» Challonge | Facebook

Haugasmash #18 
(Norway, UTC+2)
Stream: Haugasmash
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Sunday, June 24

Nebulous, Pioneers Edition! 
(N.Y, EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
Featuring: Swedish Delight, Rishi, Hax, Ryobeat, NY Joey, Arty, Emanon, and woo Nebs lives.
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Dair to Dream V 
(Ont, EDT)
Stream: Player5GG
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Moky, Trulliam, Nightmare, Monib, Popeye’s Biscuits, Plat, nintnt, Fancey.
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Sam “Venmo to BevMo” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.
If you’re about to comment on Reddit about a tourney that isn’t on here, at least mention its stream when you do so.


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  2. […] bunch of Melee / Smash 4 events this weekend! I have selected some of the events from this article and listed them […]

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