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Published July 9, 2021

Weekend Headliners

Rollback Rumble: THE BIG ONE (7/3-7/11)

Region: North America + EU + Asia

Main stream: btssmash

Featuring: Wizzrobe, S2J, Ginger, Gahtzu, Lucky, 2Saint, KoDoRiN, Kalamazhu, Magi, Shroomed, Fiction, Eddy Mexico, FatGoku, Ben, Medz, Elliot, Free Palestine (and they fucking should), ARMY, TheRealThing, Panda, Ka-Master, MoG, Cactuar, Jflex, Azel, TheSWOOPER, Zamu, NUT, Reeve, Drephen, Kuyashi, Far!, JSalt, Iceman, DARKTOOTH, Jamrun, Slox, ALP, SDJ, Umarth, Boyd, Ralph, Neologism, Skerzo, Blues Clues, Darrell, Salt, PanterA, Khryke, Dr. Z, Joey Donuts, Justus, KoopaTroopa895, HTwa, Kaeon, Voo, Lotfy, Iifter, Bones, Slowking, Pappi, Wevans, aCID, Fankriss, Akir, Wassabi, Koobie, The Beetle King, FendrickLamar, Ycz6, Ovenn & a helluva lot more fighting for the last two Summit spots! It’s THE BIG ONE!

Featuring in Europe: Frenzy, Professor Pro, Levingy, Max, Kingu, Poppmaister6000, Jamie, Fout NL, Bomboni, Abbearv, Schima, Okameed, EuO & more!

Featuring in Asia: Shippu, Sanne, Falpan, Muro, Takuwan, Plata, Kalne, gaR, KayB & more!

Fri. (6/18)

Sat. (6/19)

  • Jocha’s Birthday Bash
    • Featuring: A bunch of SA’s best, including Chape, Raikin, HP, Aisengobay, Pipo, Gausausky, Rocket, NDJ, Kodo & more!
    • Stream: ssbong

  • Fo ta Roto
    • Featuring: Bunch of good players from the greatest region nobody knows about: The Dominican Republic.
    • Stream: Zuraco

  • Melee at Cajun Gamer #4
    •  Featuring: Really good players from Louisiana playing OFFLINE!
    • Stream: None that we could find.

Sun. (6/20)

    • Featuring: Some queer folks cuz I’m gonna promote LGBTQIA+ people until the day I die and you can’t stop me our rights are human rights fuck all the governments who aren’t helping us ESPECIALLY Britain.
    • Stream: None but who gives a crap.

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Melissa “Gay and Trans and Valid as hell” Forde, and I can be reached on Twitter @GCH_Pikachu942.

Also, shout-outs to my assistant, Self “Has now been introduced to P5’in it” Flagellate of the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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