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Published July 29, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Fête 2 (7/29 – 7/31)

Region: UK

Stream: btssmash and btssmash2

Featuring: aMSa, Spark, Pipsqueak, Trif, Professor Pro, Frenzy, Bbatts, Skerzo, Mekk, MINT, max, Jah’ Ridin, Fat Tino, Kins0, Melee Stats’ Abbe, skullbro, E-tie, raoul, Fout NL, Rikzz, Renzo, GG, Mahie, Jim Morrison, 23 and R23, Moe, Squeachu, Luan, Jadde, DarkGenex and Snow Halation, ISTE | NintendOrk (aka 30% Brulter (aka Prins Esse (aka Sjeik Ben Redic Fy Fazan (aka Dr. Essman (aka Kongen på Havet (aka Mythra (aka Tante Pose))))))), mordo, ModestMajor, NinjagoFan72, Smarted, Tony Bomboni, Okameed, Velani, Humpe, Glaikit, Branspeed, Stranger, Happymealz, Thai, UnHaven, Aiken, Nuckels, пooп, Xardov, 10QuidShoes, Rich, Silas, Poppmaister6000, ShiftingShadows, JohsyJam, Vanity Angel (in doubles), Marlo, Madness, Luke, Oldiz, Mezzy, Noxxa, Zepple, Alain, chaos6, Martin, the dynamic commentary duo of RestlessWhale and Xin, nagaimo, Maelstrom, Melee Chileno’s EuO,  NVZ, Dev, Kidder, epikfaal, CptNebula, Modentor, Stylo, Raiden, Pi, GOON, GROM, KasparV, Jacob, Nikstrat, Ryzon, GBlade, HoorayForJay, Skips, Matt Smith, BlackH4ze, Midori, Exy-, Aiika, Fecfec, NoPressure1, Willz, Touffe, FezWa, David, Mad4Men, AC, Gappy, Ivy, Swish, Marzipann, vlerk, zondy, Nago, Leon Massey in a mystery game, & so many more of Europe’s best all packed into the town of Stoke-on-Trent!

Smash Factor 9 (7/29-7/31)

Region: Mexico

Stream: lagema

Featuring: Wizzrobe, S2J, Smashdaddy, Medz, Lucky, Eddy Mexico, Melee Stats’ Chape, JCAM, Bimbo, Far!, Raikin, PanterA, Chango, JAVI, zamorita, Aza, Valdo, Twin, Morrito and Morrito 2, Lengüitas, Herrán, Stark, Alex19, Jo$ha, Zamora, Maxinho, ESPONJA, DPMZ, Fist Mexico, & more great Mexican talent!

mang0 Nation Tour – Southeast (7/30)

Region: Online

Stream: mang0

Featuring: Hungrybox, Krudo, Logan, Panda, mvlvchi, Akir, prof, Iori, Suezo, Siddward, Frostbyte, Austin, Unoriginal, Justin Joe, Isles, N12, WatchingTime, & a lot more chasing that juicy Bitcoin which is definitely unlikely to fluctuate in value!

Fri. (7/29)


Sat. (7/30)

  • Mass Madness 36 (Massachusetts)
    • Featuring: DrLobster, Kalvar, bonfire10, Warmmer, cupofwater, Arkouda, Kikoho, Clutch, Guex, Bank, meep, Golden, Hexjo, Arty, Top Player Yasu, Q, eveningstar, Ses, Twisty, Electroman, Dr. Lame, Awesome Video Games, Lamdin, & many more top New England talent!
    • Stream: gameunderground

  • Smash @ Pat’s 50: The Patio (Kansas)
    • Featuring: Slowking, Preeminent, Reesch, Bobby Frizz, Hank, Gameboyjr, Bagels, Studkip, Blandeezy, Gaz!, DendyPretendy, Rahma Noodles, Fess, Cuda, & 63 other Midwesterners in a fucking house!
    • Stream: St_Pat

  • Lawless #14 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, nut, Squid, AJ, salami (#salamisweep), Glasper, & more of SoCal’s best!
    • Stream: ssbm_schmoop

  • Get to the Point #3 (Indiana)
    • Featuring: Michael41000000000, Blue, Frost, Latin, IMDRR, Chicago’s retired TO goat Unsure, Nicky, Phrigid, macdaddy69, Pablo, Kumi, FeelinGood, dalbull, & more!
    • Stream: ssbmblue

Sun. (7/31)

  • RCADIA SMASH 3 (Germany)
    • Featuring: Nicki, King, astar, Schima, NRW-Mann, Parseco, lilfroozy, yung Ullrich, & plenty more good German players who won’t be at Fête! Top 6 is on Sunday, but everything before that is on Saturday so be sure to tune in!
    • Stream: rcadialive


If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “am in the UK for Fête and it’s been an absolute fever dream of pure joy and wonder and I cannot recommend it more to anyone who wants good Melee, good people, and good vibes! If you’re reading this and at Fête, please come and say hi!” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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