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Published July 27, 2018

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), please give me the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments.

Low Tier City 6 
Region: Texas, CDT

Stream: TourneyLocator
Featuring: Hungrybox, Armada, Leffen, Mang0, n0ne, Lucky, AbsentPage, HugS, Bananas, ARMY, Android, Syrox, Tai, Uncle mojo, Drephen, ALP, A Rookie, Blues Clues, Albert, Baby, Bunk, hamyojo, Fizz, Schythed, Morsecode762, bobby big ballz, Crunch, SDJ, Vish, and a lot more ranked Texans.
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Big Nimbus 
Region: SoCal, PDT

Streams: theMetaShift and TopShelfEsports
Featuring: SFAT, S2J, Westballz, Captain Faceroll, Smashdaddy, OkamiBW, Franz, MegaXmas, Dr. Light, KoopaTroopa895, J666, BlueBuddy, Epic Murloc, Shoyo, Nishi, Gulu, and more solid SoCal players.
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Saturday, July 28 

Melee @ the Made Monthly (NorCal, PDT)
Stream: TheWaffle77
Featuring: Rocky, Jah Ridin’, R2DLiu, ycz, UMarth, Noire, Mar, Zent.
» Challonge

Cascade 2 
(B.C, PDT)
Stream: UBCeSports
Featuring: Ka-Master, Spark, Kalamazhu, Fauxhebro, LIT$TAR (RK), Webwipe, Marko, Espi, Blunted_Object10, Vincessant, more good B.C. players.
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SUPER Smash the Stadium 
(Ohio, EDT)
Stream: GameArenaCo
Featuring: Hanky Panky, Cal, Boyd, Rik, TheRealThing, Free Palestine, Fizzle_Boy, Papa, Holiday, GrammasGotGame.
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Grand Capital Smash 9 
(Ont, EDT)
Stream: StreamlandSSB
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Kage, Legend, Georges, Jesus.
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(U.K, UTC+1)
Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Setchi, Frenzy, RashAttack, 10QuidShoes, Jolteon, Okameed, Aiken.
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Get Yeti 2 Rumble 
(Mo, CDT)
Stream: FlammableLion
Featuring: Shinobi, Travioli, Dezno, Liberate, more ranked Missouri folks.
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MMOM Bi-Monthly #13 
(Mass, EDT)
Stream: MMOM
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SMSH 211 
(Alta, MDT)
Stream: SSBUniversity
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Vegas Melee Arcadian Summer 2018 
(Nev, PDT)
Stream: PressStartLV
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Sunday, July 29

Apollo XIV 
(N.Y, EDT)
Stream: NebulousNYC
Featuring: Captain Smuckers, iBDW, 2saint, Hax, Ryobeat, JoJo, BIG KID, Vino.

Capital City Clicks 
(Ont, EDT)
Stream: ClickeSports
Featuring: Ryan Ford, Legend, Kage, Georges, and yes this is basically the same event as GCS on Saturday.

Cascade 2: Salty Run Back 
(B.C, PDT)
Stream: VanStreetBattle
Featuring: Probably a lot of people that also went to Cascade.
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Sam “Chutney” Greene can be found on Twitter @SSBMDingus.
If you’re about to comment on Reddit about a tourney that isn’t on here, please mention its stream when you do so.

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