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Published July 22, 2022

Weekend Headliners


Mega Minnesota Monthly Melee (4M) (7/23)

Region: Minnesota (duh)

Stream: TeamOXY

Featuring: Ben, Zamu, Jflex, bobby big ballz, Zuppy, Salt, Eddy Mexico, Mekk, 100 Grand, Slowking, Melee Stats | Chape, Preeminent, Reesch, Joey Donuts, Lord English, Nakamaman, Lowercase hero, lexor, Latin, Mr. Snuss, IMDRR, Phrigid, Sigma, Lil Homie, Lamonster, RanD, Royal, Banger, Thom, Maple, fiveman1, kfiebs, Wisely, HomeMadeWaffles on commentary, ETossed, & more!

mang0 Nation Tour – West (7/23)

Region: Online

Stream: mang0 and Cloud9

Featuring: KoDoRiN, Faceroll, Steech, Khalid, Nerin, blargh257, Dova, MOJOE, Vinodh, mikey, Graves, Iron, snake, Phorox, Tafokints, Duckrobin, Daz, Marko, dkuo, sicko, Marrgasm, Maybe, Lucho, YeehawDaniels, Brand0, Baja, Turok, Bio, sumi, HypedForSlicedBread, Ovenn, a nominal $7000 prizepool paid in Bitcoin so who knows how much it’ll be actually worth, & many, many more since you get $75 just to play a single round!

Fri. (7/22)


Sat. (7/23)

  • Battlegateway #34 (Japan)
    • Featuring: aMSa, Shunsuke, deft, Sanne, Inngenn, sheik, Falpan, Massun, Hutukamiman, muro, world traveler Vivi, the return of Remen(!?), nagaimo, WTS, gaR, Natsu, Takuwan, vugzi, NEG, bozitoma, jmlee337, the question of what happened to Battlegateway’s 32 and 33, & many more at the return of Japan’s premiere monthly series!
    • Stream: vgbootcamp

  • THREEVO (Kentucky)
    • Featuring: essy, Grab, Reeve, Mad Tyro, Wicked, Varkid, meleesadposts, Dart! (in doubles), & more good Midwest players!
    • Stream: wagr0

  • Execution Test (Colorado)
    • Featuring: Zealot, Fizzwiggle, Secrets, aCID, Russell, DD, polear, Fishbait, Third Strongest, Rrob, Michael D. Kiefer, WizP, DSJ, MP3, & more!
    • Stream: comeleecommunity

  • M Series #3 (Maryland)
    • Featuring: Dawson, Bones, Prometheus, Douglas.J.Gov, Fudge, cyfer003 of the BSMPod & more!
    • Stream: baltimoremelee

  • Grassroots #2 (NorCal)
    • Featuring: Azel, Umarth, Traplord, DiplomaticTucan, Nathan, Pancakes, TreyTheTrashman, & more!
    • Stream: pjlall_

Sun. (7/24)

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “have binged through three seasons of Breaking Bad in a week” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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