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Published July 15, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Phantom 2022 (7/16 – 7/17)

Region: Australia

Stream: mang0 and Ludwig (a helpful schedule in EDT)

Featuring: Zain, iBDW, Mango, KoDoRiN, Joshman, Polish, null, Lucky, Sock, SA Nick, Davox22, Khryke, GnomeDome, Goodie, McCloud, MC, Elliot, DonB, rupert, Dekar, The Beetle King (Jada), Fess, Emps, Nangs, sundowns, Microsoft J, sorry4partyrocking!, smopup, Nick Fucking Yingling, Slime, Aiden Calvin, envy, YETA, Skip, Muscat, RedX, Rek, Cailan, Lackss, Din, Zorsy, JNuts, Zhye, Spinal, Zxv, RNGReallyNotGood, Chib, Fahey, bundun, the best commentary in the world, & many more at Australia’s biggest event since 2015! This Is Melee!!!

Region: New England

Stream: allstonmelee

Featuring: SluG, 2saint, bobby big ballz, Swift, Zamu, ChuDat, Chem, Jflex, Mekk, Wally, Kalvar, Mot$, Just Jason, Justus, ghettowarmachine420, bonfire10, cupofwater, Arkouda, JNaut, Clutch, Bank, Kikoho, Guex, the titular Trail, RyGuy, Shmeeli, meep, Golden, Top Player Yasu, eveningstar, Just Nate, Electroman, Q, Arty, Bekvin, Dr. Lame, Twisty, Gomi, Future Shock, Stacy’s Stepdad, trilok, Lamdin, 33 toes, cloveR, & many more!

Invincible VI: You Cannot Kill Me in a Way That Matters (7/16)

Region: Wisconsin

Stream: MeleeEveryday

Featuring: Morsecode762, Slowking, MeleeStats’ Chape, 100 Grand, shabo, Ober, Preeminent, Joey Donuts, Q?, DannyPhantom, Eggy, Lowercase hero, Pleeba, Lord English, Nakamaman, Shifty, Blue, Latin, squizzage, Killablue, IMDRR, Ryse, lexor, Phrigid, FoxCap, Unsure, New Guy, Iifter, Thalia, Forest, Mattchu, BigDK, ORLY, flatline, Grab2Win, Dragoid, Jisp, Dirtboy, metroid, Fizz, Phalanx, CardboardBear, RanD, Mr. Snuss, Lamonster, Banger, Thom, Royal, SuperMrJMT, Amanze, YoshQ, fiveman1, kfiebs, Wisely, SSB_Seal, ElectricTossed, & many more at the return of Wisconsin’s premiere regional series!

Fri. (7/15)

  • East Coast Fridays 151 (Online)
    • Featuring: A bunch of really good East Coast netplayers
    • Stream: no official stream but you will probably find a bunch of players streaming their runs

Sat. (7/16)

  • Warehouse War (Tennessee)
    • Featuring: Colbol, Logan, Grab, Mad Tyro, Wicked, Panko, Iori, Hunybear, Suezo, Majersk, Paladin, Den, Austin, signify, BustedCondom, Mr. Brandandorf, & many more at Tennessee’s biggest event since WTFox!
    • Stream: wagr0, BigMikey_, and signifyisdumb

  • Quit Your Friendlies 4 (New York)
    • Featuring: Jmook (if he tests negative for Covid), Zuppy, Matteo, Question, TheManaLord, Joe(y) Bats, Zanya, Nix, djang0, Jank, Miranda, OG Kid, & more of upstate New York’s best!
    • Stream: BuffaloSmash

  • SUPERRAD! (Ohio)
    • Featuring: FatGoku, TheRealThing, essy, Flash, Ryan Ford, Holiday, Charlie Wu, & more really good NEOH players!
    • Stream: MediaChameleon

  • Guildhouse Melee in the Parlor (NorCal)
    • Featuring: Azel, Umarth, Nickemwit, Ralph, Typhoon, Fluid, blargh257,  redpandamaster, Kevbot, SpacePigeon, Snap, Toph, MOJOE, Arcadia, darkwizard123, Nathan, biscuito, the legendary Guitar Hero controller user CoiledOver, & more!
    • Stream: guildhouse and AFKxp

  • Comomo: Out of Thin Nair (Missouri)
    • Featuring: Travioli, Bobby Frizz, Shinobi, alex, Reesch, Gameboyjr, Hank, Bagels, Gaz!, Studkip, Blandeezy, & more of Missouri’s best!
    • Stream: hank_ssb

  • HTS #10 (Germany)
    • Featuring: Kins0, Rikzz, big irf, King, Blaze, dronin, lilfroozy, SenX, yung Ullrich, stormrat, & more very good Germans!
    • Stream: ProjectHIVEOfficial

Sun. (7/17)

  • The Come Up: A Tristate Melee Arcadian (New York)
    • Featuring: K8A, Muscoman, Brad, Adwan, Freezus, Jah, jubby, Fudge, mossy mat, bonn, Just Nate, Luu, Axis, YokaiNels, StuntBeast, smoothmoves22 (aka Spare_Parts), bbeanLI, FF, Insightful, karol, Jib, APR Financing, Jkiller, Umma, Gomi, TSB, Franco, ilovebrooklyn99, dubkari, BMOHC, Drew6, & more unraked Tristaters in what is sure to be a bloodbath!
    • Stream: nycmelee

  • Klash at Kongs 2 (UK)
    • Featuring: Professor Pro, Frenzy, Fat Tino, ModestMajor, Okameed, Lil Chief, Xardov, Aiken, Thai, Pi, Luke, New Wave winner Matt Smith, EuO, Nomad, Lima Bean, Marzipann, meamking & more!
    • Stream: an alleged one

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “started watching Breaking Bad and cannot believe how much Jesse gets beaten down” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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