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Published January 13, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Florida Melee Circuit Finals (1/14)

Region: Florida

Stream: SpiralMedia

Featuring: Krudo, Panda, Gahtzu, Wevans, Voo, Akir, Komodo, prof, Kuya, MOF, simply in love (aka 119j), Franco, ADMJ, Darling (fka Flipsy), Kero, Barraca, C15, Equilateral, Chipotle+, eveningstar, Alextrer, Stockholm Syndrome, Nojump, PeachPants, Diltune, Rayd, PopeSeanPaul, Zidane, JAM, Jammy, & DJoy in a Summit-style bracket format featuring plenty of top Florida talent!

BODIED: A War Over Washtenaw (1/14)

Region: Michigan

Stream: AnnArborMelee

Featuring: Ginger, KJH, Zuppy, Mekk, Skerzo, Free Palestine, Morsecode762, Kuyashi, Matteo, Q?, Balloon Day, Heartstrings, Azzu, Unsure, JCubez, Brazmonkey, Negat!ve, Rayboyp, Dirtboy, Vorporal, Dragoid, Nyte, Rich, LXIX, Sheep, top Midwest commentator SSBunderscoreSeal, BY15, Joka, Ferriswheel, Phalanx, Sawyer, Charlie Wu, Nix, Wishblade, Noshi, Nexic, Shadez, Cobb, MB-Smash, Zam, netplay TO goat Kadence, PacoGoosequacko, helm, one of Melee Stats’ three best Marth players JDMH, ETossed Top 100 maker Epicallytossed, & more!

The 1st New England Melee Spartan (1/14)

Region: New England

Stream: GameUnderground

Featuring: DrLobster, Kalvar, bonfire10, Warmmer, Younger, Louis, Silver, Trail, Thumbs, cupofwater, Project, Shmeeli, Golden, Q, Electroman (in doubles), Clutch, Bank, meep, Arty (in doubles), Future Shock (in doubles), Hysteric, & Ok in the opposite of an arcadian!

Fri. (1/13)

  • Da Greenhouse #8 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Goosekhan, Maher, Midnight Blue, Rabbit, Joe(y) Bats, Fahey, OtES, hardest working Peach player Asuka, & more!
    • Stream: midnight_b1u3

  • Nut House! #2 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Kürv, Alberto, Life, Pensive, Mootook, Jahan, Melee Statss’ Vessel, & more!
    • Stream: nut69

Sat. (1/14)

  • Smash On Scott (Victoria)
    • Featuring: Joshman, Goodie, rupert, Microsoft J, Dekar, Emps, sorry4partyrocking!, Spinal, sumirekt, Melotech, Chibe, & more going to Scott Street!
    • Stream: bigboygibbo

  • Big GuildHouse (NorCal)
    • Featuring: Umarth, rom, KevbotSSBM, redpandamaster, Megaman, & more good NorCal players who will register the day of!
    • Stream: guildhouse and AFKxp

  • Fjord Frenzy (Online)
    • Featuring: bobby big ballz, Jflex, Kürv, allegedly women-lover Bbatts, Dawson, Akir, JSalt, Paladin, Lowercase hero, eve, Siddward, Agent, Nairial, ilovebrooklyn99, angst, Phil D. Beverage, & more in a region-locked bracket!
    • Stream: mazerhq

  • Philly Melee Arcadian – Winter 2023 (Philadelphia, duh)
    • Featuring: Stavino, Yung Silver, the Grim Reaper of beginner netplay brackets (and bobby big ballz) phillyhoops, Jeandolla, Lamp, Kandayo, Blank, & more of Philly’s best unranked trash!
    • Stream: bros_calamity

Sun. (1/15)

  • Pub Crawl (United Kingdom)
    • Featuring: Frenzy, Kingu, Lil Chief, Pi, Aiika, EuO, DevilishJho, Bill, ECS, Pedlar, Pjon, Useth, Marzipann, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • SDIowa 3: Iowa Melee Summit (Iowa)
    • Featuring: Slowking, Landon, cbb, The Fury, Boigan, Maple, Card, diggles137, CRACKDOG, YungSpaceJam, Keams, GDubs, Tienda, Tato, Rat Funk, & Hannah! Pools and doubles are on Saturday so be sure to tune in!
    • Stream: GDubsTV

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “getting my first tattoo today woooo” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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