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Published January 3, 2020

Saturday,  Jan. 4

Scorpius 2020
(N.Y, EST)
Stream: AONStreams and GenGame (multistream)
Featuring: Hax$, Captain Smuckers, Ryobeat, DrLobster, JKJ, Leighton, more good Tri-State players.

Axe’s Pizza Party
(Ariz, MST)
Stream: AZ_Axe
Featuring: Axe, Medz, Tai, Taj, Azzu.

2GG: SoCal Chronicles 2020
(SoCal, PST)
Stream: TheMetaShift
Featuring: Captain Faceroll, Nut, Franz, Blassy, Casper, Nishi, MegaXmas, Android 0, Younger, KoopaTroopa895.

BIG 3 – the BIG Lebowski (Ohio, EST)
Stream: probably MediaChameleon
Featuring: Jakenshaken, TheRealThing, Holiday, SmallHandsBrian, nala, ben snape, Dempt, and a Wii Sports Bowling side event.

MasterHand 53 
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: Kounotori_ssbm
Featuring: Sanne, Kounotori, Massun, muro, Falpan.

Equalizer #2
(Ohio, EST)
Stream: IDGSmash

East Park Monthly #16
(Texas, CST)
Stream: EastParkTournaments

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