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Published January 24, 2020

Genesis 7 (1/24-26)
Region: NorCal, PST

Streams: BTSSmash2 and BTSSmash4 on Friday/Saturday, then BTSSmash on Sunday.
Featuring: Mang0, Hungrybox, Leffen, Axe, Zain, Wizzrobe, Mew2King, iBDW, Plup, aMSa, Fiction, S2J, SFAT, n0ne, moky, Captain Faceroll, Swedish Delight, Trif, Hax$, Ginger, Spark, ChuDat, Lucky, PewPewU, ARMY, Professor Pro, Westballz, Medz, Shroomed, MikeHaze, Gahtzu, Spud, FatGoku, Bimbo, Magi, Rishi, Jakenshaken, Zamu, billybopeep, Drephen, HugS, Ice, Kalamazhu, La Luna, Kalvar, Aura, Nut, Kevin Maples, Bladewise, Forrest, KoDoRiN, Tai, Joyboy, Free Palestine, Squid, Rocky, Franz, Nicki, and a lot of other great players.
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Saturday,  Jan. 25

City of Melee 17: Daiquiri Edition
(Vic, UTC+11)
Stream: MelbourneMelee
Featuring: Dekar, prolificjuice, Microsoft J, JoJo.

Nerd Corner Knockout 11
(Ga, EST)
Stream: OhanMelee (maybe)

Southside Dojo – January Edition
(Ark, CST)
Stream: BMG_BadManGaming_Smash

Smash Bros @ WSU Jan 2020 Monthly (Wash, PST)
Stream: SmashBrosAtWSUMelee

Sunday, Jan. 26

Dairantou – The Final
(B.C, PST)
Stream: TheAirRyu

Beyond Elite VII: Catedral Saga
(Pue, CST)
Stream: NovaGamingSmash

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), contact me with the relevant info on Twitter or via this post’s comments. If an event is not on here, it likely did not mention a specific stream on its information pages. 

Sam “Very Respect” Greene can be reached on Twitter @ding_mas, or you can find him at Genesis.

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