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Published January 10, 2020

Vahalla III (1/9-13)
Region: Denmark, UTC+1

Streams: GeekyGoonSquad and/or GeekyGoonSquad2
Featuring: Leffen, Trif, Professor Pro, Frenzy, Overtriforce, Pricent, Solobattle, MINT, Pipsqueak, Jadde, Sverre, Eekim, Kellner, NintendOrk, Widl, Poppmaister6000, Moe, 4tilt, Paju, Humpe, mayhem092, Parsec, Devil, the LEGEND Tomber, Eagle, 10QuidShoes, and more ranked European players.
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Saturday,  Jan. 11

GatorLAN Spring 2020
(Fla, EST)
Stream: 119wevans
Featuring: Hungrybox, Forrest, Krudo, Sinbad, prof, Wevans, Komodo, Oaty, nope, Kuya, more Floridians.

Mass Madness 31
(Mass, EST)
Stream: probably GameUnderground
Featuring: Hax$, 2saint, Kalvar, lint, Joyboy, Leighton, Warmmer, BigJoig, Ok, bonfire10, Ses, Project, GWM420, Pig, meep, Arty, Jnaut, Klaps, Tian, Sokokopuffs, BonkCushy, and WALLY BABYYYYYY.

Kangawa Smash Tournament Kurobra 19 
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: kurobra
Featuring: Sanne, Heartstrings, Falpan, Massun, muro, Natsu, gaR, WTS, NEG, Bap, H0P, other three-character names, bozitoma, Plata.

The Cascadian
(Wash, PST)
Stream: UWSmash, CatNamed_V

Sunday, Jan. 12


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