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Published February 26, 2021

Weekend Headliners

The Upset: A Poilon Software Online Tournament
Region: Europe

Streams: BTSSmash and BTSSmash2
Featuring: Leffen, Trif, Pipsqueak, Professor Pro, Frenzy, Solobattle, Amsah, Nicki, MINT, Levingy, Makenshi, Calle W, Jah Ridin’; pretty much everyone who is good in Europe is coming, so you should watch it
» | Schedule

Super Smash Sundays Online 3 (2/28)
Region: SoCal/West Coast

Streams: TeamOXY
Featuring: KoDoRiN and most likely anyone who is good and active on the West Coast
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Friday, February 26


East Coast Fridays #150

Stream: EastCoastFridays

Featuring: Travioli, Amor, Lowercase hero, and very likely heavy hitters from the EC who will likely sign up later

Rollback Rumble: NA West

Stream: thewaffle77
Featuring: S2J, Eddy Mexico, KoopaTroopa895, Umarth, soccermom69, Fishbait, Elysian, and much more from the rest of the West Coast who will likely sign up later

Experiencia Bongazo #3

Stream: SSBong
or Guaripolo_
Featuring: Latin America

OSU Biweekly Friday

Featuring: Zealot, Twotran, probably more Ohio

Jugaos Netplay 18

Stream: Flow_Stark
Featuring: Bimbo, Elysian, expect a lot more of Texas and Mexico

Spacieville: Trigger Happy Havoc #2

Featuring: Warmmer, Akir, Sodabro, more EC

Saturday, February 27

Rollback Rumble: NA East

Stream: thewaffle77
Featuring: LSD, TheRealThing, Golden, Ben, Zuppy, Warmmer, CeeLew, Dope, Zeeker, Erik, bambi, Tommy – expect this to get a lot more EC people

Saturday Night LEVO #7
Featuring: Leffen (EU), Professor Pro (EU), Frenzy (EU), Sverre (EU), max (EU), iBDW (EC), Suezo (EC), MOM! (EC), Eddy Mexico (WC), expect more
Stream: Leffen


lgbt episode 17: sheik gets their first binder

Featuring: Simian, MSP, Snap, probably sp1nda and other gaylee people
Stream: meleesadposts

S@PS Presents: Smash For A Cause

Featuring: MELEE STATS PATRON BEN SNAPE, Hoborg, probably other PA people
Stream: PSUSmashMelee

Southeast Saturdays 21

Featuring: Siddward and other people from the Atlantic South

4 Star Clash 40

Featuring: Expect a bunch of Chicago, likely Skerzo, Unsure, Michael, etc

Sunday, February 28

Stay Silent Series Online Melee Tournament
Featuring: JCAM, Excel_Zero, Lotfy, Mista, etc.
Stream: silentiumj

Sob Sundays 29

Featuring: TBD
Stream: MaherSSB

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best. If an event is not on here, its organizers likely did not mention a specific stream on its information pages. That, or I just sincerely missed it.

Edwin “I have finally consumed the remains of Sam Greene to become him” Budding can be reached on Twitter @edwin_budding.

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