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Published February 24, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Black Empowerment Melee invitational 2023 (2/24 – 2/26)

Region: Georgia

Stream: btssmash

Featuring: 2saint, Salt, Shroomed, KJH, Professor Pro, mvlvchi, TheRealThing, billybopeep, Flash, Typhoon, Darrell, Lowercase hero, Prometheus, LunarySSF2, Sefunmi, & C$! Lots to watch between the Melee and plenty of content pieces, so be sure to tune in! Donate if you are able!

Fri. (2/24)

  • Da Greenhouse #11 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Faust, TopFloorBoss, Maher, Midnight Blue, Joe(y) Bats, lilmark0, PRIN$E, OtES, InfernoJesus, & more!
    • Stream: Toronto_Melee


Sat. (2/25)

  • BODIED 2: Another War Over Washtenaw (Michigan)
    • Featuring: Ginger, Skerzo, TheSWOOPER, Ben, essy, Kuyashi, Q?, Joey Donuts, Brazmonkey, JCubez, Unsure, IMDRR, Holiday, Azzu, Dirtboy, Frost, Rayboyp, Dragoid, Jopps, Negat!ve, RanD, Captain Crack, Vorporal, niko, Sheep, Wishblade, Nyte, Joka, Rich, Suidt, lain, Zam, Sawyer, Phalanx, Noshi, Cobb, Shadez, Freky, MB-Smash, MichiganTossed, & more engaging in another war!
    • Stream: annarbormelee

  • Steelcraft: SoCal vs. SoCal #1 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Fiction, Franz, Kürv, nut, Steech, cliché, Xela, Alberto, SubTails, Life, Glasper, TinderMaster3000, Q (the marth), Pensive, Mootook, Tonkatsu, istaystrapped, Knox, vinbin, OTTO, Melee Statss Vessel, & more at an outdoor venue while it’s raining!
    • Stream: TopShelfEsports

  • Spring GatorLAN 2023 (Florida)
    • Featuring: Krudo, Panda, Gahtzu, Wevans, Voo, Akir, prof, MOF, sinbad, Kero, Sodabro, C15, Sneakywill, ADMJ, Judas, Nojump, LunesJPuff, Rome0, PeachPants, Stockholm Syndrome, Hamburglar, Boalisk, Puppy, JRad, Gaster, Renth, BiggPappa, JAM, Saul, Afmbot, DJoy, Schmang, Diltune, SandBag, JFC, Quadae, & more!
    • Stream: equiiaterai

  • The Durham Dojo #7 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: moky, Zuppy, Faust, Goosekhan, Mono, TopFloorBoss, Maher, former netplay lagger and original NoFluxes farmer Koobie, Zeeker, grape ape, Sawrik, Midnight Blue, PRIN$E, Liquid, LXIX, Nix, LilMitts, Joe(y) Bats, Archaene, OtES, Quiggles, Coastward, Kirby enthusiast blummbo, & more!
    • Stream: DurhamMelee

  • Mass Madness 39 (Massachusetts)
    • Featuring: Kalvar, bonfire10, Younger, cupofwater, Golden, Silver, Trail, Waddler Bekvin, Shmeeli, Guex, Top Player Yasu, Ember, regEx, Electroman, Stacy’s Stepdad, hexjo, Future Shock, Twisty, Tarchwood, Nage, Coolslice, Arcade, een, MEAT, 33 toes, Abel, saucymain, IOA, Ant, Piss, Phil D. Beverage, Lio, 22K, Swoosh$, ZettaVolt, ThunderPaste, netplay TO goat and Waddle Dee enjoyer DevDogg at their first IRL event, & more!
    • Stream: GameUnderground

Sun. (2/26)

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “sheltering from the LA blizzard” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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