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Published February 28, 2020

Saturday,  Feb. 29 (leap day, which is fun) 

Bridgetown Blitz 5
(Ore, PST)
Stream: EpicGamingPDX
Featuring: Fiction, FatGoku, Bladewise, Panda, Iceman, Fizz, Dacky, Chango, Aura, Shoyo, ThePrime, Vincessant, Mustache Massacre, more good PNW players.

Battlegateway # 30
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: probably VGBootCamp
Featuring: aMSa, Shippu, Sanne, Masun, sheik, Falpan, Kobobi, nagaimo, Natsu, gaR, shuta.

Gucci Gang: Leap Year Edition
(Penn, EST)
Stream: ZephyrDood
Featuring: bobby big ballz, Kalvar, SluG, Leighton, FLiiNcHy, Wally, Wally, Wally, Wally, Chem, Panos, Nagy, JJM, Bones, Mot$, Dimension, Fable, Dawson.

The Grail 2
(Ohio, EST)
Stream: GameArenaCo and GameArenaCoSide
Featuring: Free Palestine, Polish, Spy, Halcyon, Holiday, Papa, Zealot, Twotran, Simian, Khryke.

The Mitten Midway DX
(Mich, EST)
Stream: ThrownOrc777
Featuring: Ginger, JCubez, Heartstrings, Kuyashi, David, Ossify, Wishblade, Sheep.

Revenge of the 6ix: February 2020
(Ont, EST)
Stream: moky_dokie
Featuring: moky, Matteo, Zuppy, LXIX.

Melee at Spring Gamefest 2020
(N.C, EST)
Stream: Savestate
Featuring: HiFi, Dash, Slipnslide, Chi, Timebones.

SmashCorts 18 (Spain, UTC+1)
Stream: SmashBrosCat

Sunday, March 1

Warzone: Firefight
(U.K, GMT)
Stream: PhoenixSmash

MN Smash Summit
(Minn, CST)
Stream: JoeyDonuts
Featuring: 100 Grand, Preeminent, Ben, Slayer, Golden, Nakamaman, more of Minnesota’s best. Non-bracket stuff on Saturday.

The Zou
(Mo, CST)
Stream: MizzouSmash
Featuring: Travioli, OG Swaglord, Hank, Schnurb.

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