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Published February 15, 2019

The Script 2 (2/16-17)
Region: Md, EST

Streams: VGBootCamp & VGBootCamp2 (multistream)
Featuring: Zain, iBDW, AbsentPage, Ginger, Hax$, Junebug, Jerry, Stango, Boyd, Sharkz, Overtriforce, Magi, MilkMan, lintgod, bobby big ballz, Chillindude, Redd, Kaeon, MOM!, Bob-omb, MegaXmas, Juicebox, Sillie Willie, DrLobster, Vist, Holiday, and a bunch of other good East coasters.
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Schism 3 
Region: Ireland, GMT

Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: S2J (Seanie O’Kim), Lucky, Trif, Professor Pro, maXy, Frenzy, MINT, UnHaven, Däumling, R23, Jim Morrison, KasparV, Liax, Phade, Mordo, Maskless, and a lot more ranked players from the British Isles.
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Saturday, Feb. 16 

Mass Madness 26 
(Mass, EST)
Stream: GameUnderground
Featuring: Kalvar, Joyboy, Tiramisu, BigJoig, Silver, Yasu, squible, Mr. Lemon, Ses, bonfire10, Rasen, Pretty Good, Meep, Tian, Bank.
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Nerd Corner Knockout #4 
(Ga, EST)
Stream: RecursionGG
Featuring: Colbol, HTwa, Yort, Den, Wenbo, and Druggedfox in doubles.

(Ind, EST)
Stream: MeleeEveryday
Featuring: Michael, Rik, Zamu, Morsecode762, FoxCapacitor, BananaSack, Unsure.

Evergreen Rising #6 
(Wash, PST)
Stream: PeakGaming2
Featuring: Bladewise, Aura, Chango, Anchovie, Vincessant.
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Let’s Go, Springfield! #2 
(Mo, CST)
Stream: 417Smash
Featuring: Shinobi, Iori, Bobby Frizz, Vista, Travioli, Gaz, Reesch, more ranked midwesterners.
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SmashCorts #11 
(Spain, UTC+1)
Stream: SmashBrosCat

MTL Arcadian 3 
(Qué, EST)
Stream: SSBMontreal
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Haugasmash #25 
(Norway, UTC+1)
Stream: HaugaSmash

Juicy Monthly
(Fla, EST)
Stream: JuicyGameNight2
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UBC Cup 2019 
(B.C, PST)
Stream: Unsure! Maybe it wasn’t streamed.
Featuring: Fauxhebro, Espi, Elliot, Windrose, SuckerPunch.
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Sunday, Feb. 17 

Revenge of the 6ix: February Edition 
(Ont, EST)
Stream: EvenMatchupGaming
Featuring: moky, Soonsay, The Wanderer, Briefs, Rabbit, Dope, nintnt.
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Gator Games Monthly #8 
(NorCal, PST)
Stream: TopShelfEsports and TheSFSUAcademy
Featuring: NMW, Toph, Birdman, The Trashman, Pastabilities, blargh257, and probably other good NorCal players.
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Salt Flats 2019
(Alta, MST)
Stream: SmashLogic, which might just be Ultimate. If so, try SSBUniversity.
Featuring: Quaff, Sylarius, Krizski, Yardsale, Daz.
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When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), reach out on Twitter or here in the comments.

Sam “D’Angelo Russell” Greene can be found on Twitter @ding_mas.

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