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Published December 2, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Mainstage 2022 (12/2 – 12/4)

Region: SoCal

Stream: btssmash2 and btssmash4; Top 8 will be on btssmash (stream schedule)

Featuring: Mang0, Touchdown “Hungrybox” Juan, aMSa, iBDW, Leffen, Axe, moky, KoDoRiN, S2J, SluG, Fiction, Aklo, Joshman, Ginger, SFAT, Magi, Lucky, Polish, SFOP, Krudo, Professor Pro, null, Frenzy, Zamu, Eddy Mexico, Aura, Franz, FatGoku, Mekk, Skerzo, Logan, Ralph, SDJ, Melee Stats’ Lunar Dusk, Azel, Kalvar, Umarth, Melee Stats’ Chape, Dawson, Khalid, Kürv, the menace of random ten person netplay brackets JSalt, Far!, nut, Slowking, Eggy, rom, Ober, Fizzwiggle, Zeo, Rocket, Darkatma, Asashi, Chango, El Fuego/Lil Fumi/Santiago, Melee Stats and Frame1’s Steech, Casper, Raikin, Kata, bonfire10, Panos, DK enthusiast Preeminent, Ringler, Logos, JWick, Typhoon, blargh257, Gooms, Lowercase hero, cliché (the goat no cap), ycz6, Blues Clues, Venelox, AJ, Stiv, Xela, Vish, Jade, Vincessant, Arcadia, Graves, Alex19, Phorox on a break from haunting netplay Falcos, Violence, salami, Tank, Den, Jerami, deez, majority shareholder in the color green Greg Turbo, Cubs, Midnight Blue, Pancakes, LuigiKid, Zbert, Breakfast, beachbum709, Fahey, biscuito, Iron, snake, maxi, Maybe, Studebacher Hoch, UsubGod, TreyTheTrashman, Life, CrazyDude, RedX, Glasper, jams, TinderMaster3000, Juma, Alberto, Pensive, Mootook, Jhunwung, Tonkatsu, FirePuff12, Kadence, Riddles, Jeandolla, Slime, GimR, EdwinBudding in doubles, & more at the final supermajor of the year, all competing for six Summit spots and a chance to tell Nintendo and Panda to go fuck themselves in the winners interview!

Fri. (12/2)

Sat. (12/3)

  • Frostfire 2022 (Quebec)
    • Featuring: Squid, Faust, Erik, Tokage, I’m Michael BTW, NMFC, Manticore, Seb, FatMax, OtES, & more!
    • Stream: streamlandssb

  • TGM eSports Unlimited #2 (Germany)
    • Featuring: Kins0, Rikzz, King, Blaze, yung Ullrich, phL, FluentCoding, stormrat, Meruem, Zluchs, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • The Zou 4 (Missouri)
    • Featuring: The best hidden boss of 2022 alex, Reesch, Bobby Frizz, Hank, Gaz!, Studkip, Blandeezy, Schnurb, Rahma Noodles, Motzy, & more!
    • Stream: hankssb

  • BYOB Bros 2: Christmas Brew (Ireland)
    • Featuring: MINT(!), maXy(!!!), Luan, Frogchip, stylo, Ryzon, Jude, Verdant, Bill, Leck, Jaysotee, & more but holy shit MINT and maXy!
    • Stream: TBD

  • ASS MONTHLY #1: BIG ASS (Oregon)
    • Featuring: Yamasaki, DeCoste in the Shell, God’s Only Son, Nox, Jiffy, Burlap, ErodingSun, Mucho Man Randy Passion, VMPR, Cat Named V, & more!
    • Stream: AdamsSmashSeries

  • The Warehouse (Switzerland)
    • Featuring: Jah Ridin’, Marlo, BlackH4ze, Alain, Néro, bakedgoods, Saul, Ravio, & more!
    • Stream: diamonSSBM

Sun. (12/4)

  • Homie Round 2 (Ohio)
    • Featuring: essy, Kuyashi, Sirmeris, Balloon Day, Sp1nda, Papa, Thunders (of the titular combo – seriously), Icemann, KeyboardMarth, tomdollars, BY15, Just, R2, Ferriswheel, JHTL, Charlie Wu, Freky, & more!
    • Stream: GameArenaCo

  • Kappa Clash (Sverige)
    • Featuring: Sharp, Moe, Savestate, Saftblandarn, Poppmaister6000, Pap, Teroz, & more!
    • Stream: SMiSK_SSB

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “I’ll be at Mainstage, most likely in a Melee Stats hat and wearing glasses. You can’t miss me” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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