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Published December 6, 2019

Mango’s Birthday Bash (12/7-8)
Region: Ont, EST

Streams: Mang0 and BTSSmash2
Featuring: Hungrybox, Zain, Mang0, Plup, S2J, Swedish Delight, moky, n0ne, Lucky, Duck, HugS, Rishi, Shroomed, Ryan Ford, La Luna, Hax$, Soonsay, Legend, homemadewaffles, Heartstrings, Weon-X, Liquid, Quang, Tokage, and his tag has a 0 but the tourney name has an O.
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Saturday, Dec. 7

Invincible 5
(Wis, CST)
Stream: EventHorizon
Featuring: Zamu, ORLY, Slowking, Ben, Lord English, Preeminent, 100 Grand, BigDK, Golden, Lowercase hero, LSDX, Unsure.

Fireside Open 2019
(N.J, EST)
Stream: MasterHandGaming or Will2WinGaming
Featuring: PudgyPanda, Panos, Fable, bambi, Greasy, E-tie, Wally.

Turbulence 4
(Iowa, CST)
Stream: DesselerFGC

Bye Bye Birdie
(Penn, EST)
Stream: PSUSmash

Equalizer #1
(Ohio, EST)
Stream: IDGSmash

The 7th New England Melee Arcadian
(Mass, EST)
Stream: GameUnderground

Austin Arcadian 3
(Texas, CST)
Stream: probably AustinMelee

Sunday, Dec. 8

Big Cheese 2
 (SA, UTC+10:30)
Stream: KPKaiza
Featuring: Spud, Sora, SA Nick, Sock, DonB, Dekar, Fess, Kaiza. Pools are on Saturday.
» | Schedule

MasterHand 52
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: Kounotori_SSBM

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