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Published December 20, 2019

Saturday,  Dec. 21 (AKA Black Friday)

Stream: PhoenixSmash
Featuring: Professor Pro, Frenzy, TimeMuffin, Fat Tino, 10QuidShoes, Mordo, Timi, 23, dinner, Alpha Dash, CptNebula, some oxford shoes, and some oxen, and more good UK players.

Garden State Smashdown
(N.J, EST)
Stream: SIGMelee
Featuring: Ryobeat, Fable, Nagy, Greasy, Majersk, Dawson.

Smashmas @ GGEZ (Vic, UTC+11)
Stream: GGEZBar
Featuring: Sora, prolificjuice, Fess, DonB, Microsoft J.

LUST #45
(La, CST)
Stream: LSUSmash
Featuring: at least a couple ranked Louisiana players.

Unregistered HyperCam 2
(Mo, CST)
Stream: TechChaseStudios
Featuring: Bobby Frizz, Reesch.

Sunday, Dec. 22 (basically Christmas already haha)

黎明祭-Reimeisai- #0
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: probably watchssbm
Featuring: Shippu, Shunsuke, Sanne, sheik, muro, nagaimo, Gucci, Massun, Kobobi, Plata, Toph, DarkGenex, WTS, NEG, watch, gaR.

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