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Published August 4, 2023

Weekend Headliners

PEAK (8/4 – 8/6)

Region: United Kingdom

Stream: PhoenixSmash and LondonMeleeArchive

Featuring: Frenzy, Professor Pro, Fat Tino, max, Kingu, R23, Squeachu, Branspeed, 10QuidShoes, Lil Chief, Pi, mordo, Tony Bomboni, Stranger, Bonjwa, Jacob <3, EuO, stylo!! :33, Ivy, & Verdant at this Summit-style UK invitational! Unofficially this is also Professor Pro’s last event, so tune in to watch the UK’s greatest player defend his throne for the last time!

Fri. (8/4)

  • Roffa Rumble Pilot (Nederland)
    • Featuring: skullbro, $TYN, Aaron, Happymealz, nebbii(!), Nuckels, RestlessWhale, Raiden, Noxxa, Mezzy, Rabbitalex, KasparV, serket, Friso, VirtualTiger, vlerk, seo, Nuki, zeventien, Floranski, Djoek, & more at this new potential Dutch weekly!
    • Stream: SuperSmashDelft

Sat. (8/5)

  • Failsafe Summer 2023 (New Jersey)
    • Featuring: Jflex, Mot$, Bbatts, Dawson, JJM, Melee Stats Moe, 404Cray, HOBORG, Jude, lynxwynx, Fudge, Young Neil, Porkers, Tommy, Anchor, NJzFinest, justiceforpersona, Kandayo, plush, Abe, Mr. N, Gomi, ABSO, S+Hiro, Aidanafoo, & more!
    • Stream: failsafessbm

  • M Series #12 Kush Casa Edition (Maryland)
    • Featuring: Khryke, Kevin Maples, Frostbyte Seven, eve, C-bass, Aglet, John Llawless, EddieTheKid, Melen, shoelegend88, Pulch, 8va, Kush Messiah, stats, Ken, BS, Mo $, Large Marge, PurpleDolphin, Louise, Quote, Stik, & more!
    • Stream: baltimoremelee

  • Mass Madness 42 (Massachusetts)
    • Featuring: Kalvar, bonfire10, Younger, Silver, Trail, Project, Electroman, meep, Ember, regEx, Abel, MEAT (in doubles), Spades, Ant, Heavenly Sunflower (aka Loadspiller), Nage, Dr. Lame, Future Shock, Rat Rattington (aka jpo), BINGHI, Sweat, Nibbity, Yifu, oz, kraft, Lio, DadsAkimbo, JEC, MOOP, & more!
    • Stream: gameunderground

  • Nox Box 3: Return of the Bing Bong (Oregon)
    • Featuring: Aura, God’s Only Son, Phrigid, Noxdeseus (in doubles), Jiffy, J.O.A.T., Mustache Massacre, ErodingSun, mister_person, naxy, Mucho Man Randy Passion, probably high, SpiderJew, MonumentalDong, dang3r, The Old Yalli, Accidental Ham Sandwich, & more!
    • Stream: noxssbm

  • The Monthly Pivot 3 (Kansas)
    • Featuring: Slowking, Reesch, Gameboyjr, Bobby Frizz, Maple, Fess, Hank, Studkip, Captain Crack, Lemonjuices, Cuda, Obamallama, max, Psoup, Rahma Noodles, UnicornProGamer, Silipro, Ampersand, KcBlue, Firebolt (in doubles), Sunshine, Zagnes, dyno, Max$, & more!
    • Stream: KCEsportsArena

Sun. (8/6)

  • Homie Round #5 (Ohio)
    • Featuring: essy, Balloon Day, Just, tomdollars, JHTL, Noshi, Thrive, Grognar, saucymain, Frumentarii, Charlie Wu, Freky, Thunders, Steak, WeissClimbers, Ferriswheel, M1sf1re, THEAWEINSPIRINGFAMOUSEONE (Mo-Eze), cz, Jeo, & more!
    • Stream: Zaney_W

  • House of Smash #68 (Norge)
    • Featuring: Sverdet, Emanuel Desperadoes, Harald, Rich, G.I. Moe, Little Bear, Martin, David, Toa, Skaug, & more!
    • Stream: SmashNorge

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “People’s dreams don’t ever end!” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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