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Published August 19, 2022

Weekend Headliners

We Need Some Space 3 (8/20)

Region: Indiana

Stream: MeleeEveryday

Featuring: The only Top 15 player to attend locals Fiction, Salt, Ben, Jflex, essy, Drephen, shabo, Grab, Reeve, Rik, Ober, JustJoe, DannyPhantom, Jada_TBK, Lowercase hero, Q?, grand finals of the average TSI weekly (coffee and Killablue),  grand finals of the average Indiana local (Blue and Latin), GI0GOAT, Ferocitii, Bagels, Toast, IMDRR, Lanceinthepants, Frost, Yashichi, 3HUNA, Top 64 at Genesis SSB_Seal, voorhese, Phrigid, Dao, tomdollars, Forest, Pablo, macdaddy69, Rayboyp, Mattchu, Casual, Palate, niko, Deegs, Narra, Life, Ferriswheel, Stella, Blahguy, Charlie Wu, Tuesday (the Peach), mase, dalbull, YamHam, & so many more at this insanely stacked Midwest regional!

mang0 Nation Tour – Southwest (8/20)

Region: Online

Stream: mang0

Featuring: Spark, Medz, Eddy Mexico, Fizzwiggle, Far!, JSalt, CPU0, aCID, ghettowarmachine420, Cilan, Dream, zamorita, Morrito and Morrito 2, Reesch, Stone, Haunter, Jade/Aly, TzD, DSJ, Umbr, GetCrabby, panny, The Cheat, & many more competing for a prize pool that may or may not get paid out!

Galint Melee Open: Summer Edition 2022 (8/19 – 8/21)

Region: Online

Stream: galintgaming

Featuring: Panda, Bbatts, JSalt, Steech, Bones, Unruly, Inky, Yamasaki, Freezus, NSFrog, Larfen, ADMJ, chaka, Rrob, ganobrator, Captain Pretzel, Midnight Blue, Studkip, DSJ, Duckrobin, Agent, KELLZ, Anakin, & many more competing in singles and doubles for North America! Frenzy, Jamie, max, Melee Stats’ Abbe, Mahie, Marlo, Jormis, Exy-, Fecfec, Rabbitalex, Wobl, i4, Roryx, & many more competing in Sunday’s EU bracket!

Fri. (8/12)

Sat. (8/20)

  • Lennied (United Kingdom)
    • Featuring: Professor Pro, max, BIGGESTBUBZFAN (Kingu), Fat TIIIINOOOOOOO, GG, ModestMajor, mordo, Okameed, 23, Thai, Lil Chief, Xardov, 10QuidShoes, CptNebula, NoPressure1, Leeum, Ivy, BaldMan, lum, TheDerp, BOOOOHBAAAAHHH, & many more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

  • SPC: Rehab (Arizona)
    • Featuring: Medz, CPU0, BigTimeRush (fka Floats) (in doubles), Cubs, Nimble, Loyalty, Soltrain, Ray, 2B, Nanashi, & more Arizona talent!
    • Stream: SAKGamingTV

  • Lawless #15 (SoCal)
    • Featuring: Franz, Kürv, salami, cliché, PhDeezNuts, Xela, FirePuff12, & more trying to win a SoCal local since Fiction isn’t here!
    • Stream: ssbm_schmoop

  • Storm V (UK)
    • Featuring: Squeachu, UnHaven, EuO, Stylo, Ryzon, Jacob, Ac_Anon, Pilot, zondy, Jaysotee, & more!
    • Stream: ChellyToms

  • Giga HoG: Sunshine (Connecticut)
    • Featuring: bonfire10, Trail, Bank, Kikoho, Arty, Q, Axis, Spades, BINGHI, Brub, Jkiller, & more!
    • Stream: hog_ct

Sun. (8/14)

    • Featuring: Sock, Davox22, Goodie, McCloud, Muscat, Nangs, sorry4partyrocking!, RNGReallyNotGood, Chibe, Luma, & many more Aussie gamers!
    • Stream: bundun

    • Featuring: ghettowarmachine420, cliché, Inky, Peachy Keen, Jace, Stone, Maybe, Franco, nolaserfalco, FirePuff12, Vianny, Megaman, PapaNoJohns, & many more “Not Top 100” players competing to be a VIP in Mango’s stream! Top 8 is on Sunday with everything else on Saturday so be sure to check it out!
    • Stream: mang0 and probably with plenty of players streaming their runs!

  • Construct X (Wisconsin)
    • Featuring: ORLY, squizzage, flatline, Kendrick, fiveman1, & more!
    • Stream: KibbySmash

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Working all weekend so won’t be able to watch all the cool melee happening ;-;” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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