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Published August 12, 2022

Weekend Headliners

Super Smash Con 2022 (8/12 – 8/14)

Region: MDVA

Stream: vgbootcamp2 and vgbootcamp4 for Friday and Saturday; vgbootcamp for Top 8 on Sunday (full schedule)

Featuring: Zain, Hungrybox, Mango, iBDW, moky, n0ne, lloD, Ginger, Axe, Spark, Magi, Polish, Krudo, Swift, null, KJH, Ben, bobby big ballz, TheSWOOPER, Rishi, Bbatts, Chem, ChuDat, Skerzo, Zuppy, Drephen, Junebug, Mot$, Wally, Dawson, Ryobeat, Stango, essy, Darktooth, Raikin, JOJI (aka MilkMan), Reeve, Bones, Wevans, Lunar Dusk, DrLobster, Juicebox, 404Cray, Kevin Maples, Ringler, Voo, Khryke, JJM, PudgyPanda, The Leaf, MOF, Rocket, cupofwater, Younger, Fable, Jada_TBK (The Beetle King, long may they reign), Error, Matteo, NoFluxes, Redd, Prometheus, Tribe, Arcadia, Majersk, Jaden (aka VaNz), eve, Captain G, SnooSnoo, DarkGenex, Blake Grey, Frostbyte, MintyFlesh, mossy mat, Pig, LXIX, bambi, Porkers, CakeAssault, Equilateral, Son2, Fudge, Maelstrom, Hexjo, Rabbit, VoiD, ight, Lukademus, Jade/Aly, YokaiNels, Shimkoko, Switch, Kevorkian, Kezzup, Atomsk, Axis, Professor Peen, Zlatan, Slade, Douglas.J.Gov, Mars, trilok, joepesci, Treeaye, Digital Cannon, Anakin, Ben Snape, Milo, Timebones, NJzFinest, Jorge, Bigbuffalo, Charlie Brown, Mo $, WiLD, g-regulate, Travy, sunriseXpress, Apollo, Nurok, WatchingTime, Amity, RapM, Lucid, Jimmy Jockstrap, MEAT, Jwilli, BubbleFuel, Zain’s biggest fan gsubs200, bensw, the most deranged seeding of the year, & hundreds more at an event all about Smash!

Fri. (8/12)

  • Sunshined 2: Daybreak (Missouri)
    • Featuring: Salt, Zamu, Slowking, Nickemwit, alex, Hank, Studkip, Gaz!, Trevor (fka Fizz (not the Colorado one)) Jisp, Maple, Fess, & many more at this Sunshined 2 prelocal!
    • Stream: tv_seven

Sat. (8/13)

  • Sunshined 2 (Missouri)
    • Featuring: Salt, Zamu, Slowking, Nickemwit, Travioli, alex, Bobby Frizz, Hank, lil malaria, Bagels, Blandeezy, 3HUNA, Studkip, Gaz!, Trevor (fka Fizz (not the Colorado one)), Schnurb, Jisp, Cuda, Maple, Fess, Lawngarms, & more!
    • Stream: tv_seven

  • Smash Sauna 2022 (Finland)
    • Featuring: Raptori, mayhem092, Acke, freesia, Haffuer, Hups, ducc, Pakkanen, Eideeiit, Mallack, saska, & more of Finland’s best!
    • Stream: SmashFinland

Sun. (8/14)

  • Kings of Hali 5: Return of the King (Nova Scotia)
    • Featuring: Secrets, Inky, NSFrog, Maher, NMFC, clomz0, O.J.  Gimpson, Rick, LilMitts, Drizzy, Poké Floats enthusiast Legs, & many more! Doubles are on Friday and pools for Singles are on Saturday so be sure to check them out!
    • Stream: petracide and kingsofhali2022


If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “I wrote some pretty cool blurbs for the Top 50 alongside some other very talented people so be sure to check them out they were pretty fun to write” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Discord at s-f#0365 or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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