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Published August 9, 2019

Super Smash Con 2019 (8/9-11)
Region: Va, EDT

Streams: VGBootCamp2, VGBootCamp4 for doubles side-stream, VGBootCamp for later bracket.
Featuring: Hungrybox, Axe, Leffen, Mang0, Zain, Plup, aMSa, iBDW, S2J, SFAT, Swedish Delight, PewPewU, Ginger, Hax$, KJH, Lucky, n0ne, ChuDat, MikeHaze, 2saint, Rishi, Drephen, lloD, Jakenshaken, Bladewise, Magi, Jerry, HugS, King Momo, bobby big ballz, Boyd, Cool Lime, MilkMan, Nintendude, Qerb, Kage, Darktooth, Kaeon, Sharkz, TheRealThing, Levingy, Panos, Polish, Bob-omb, Jflex, Tiramisu, TheSWOOPER, Soonsay, L8IN, Quang, Redd, Chillindude, Cob, Grab, Juicebox, HiFi, Sanne, Chango, Shippu, dizzkidboogie, Vinodh, vortex, null, Atomsk, JD, and a big friggin convention.
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Saturday,  Aug. 10

Hypest Team Monthly #9
(Belgium, UTC+2)
Stream: HypestTeam

Sunday, Aug. 11

BattleGateway #27
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: maybe VGBootCamp since it’d be after SSC’s Saturday broadcast. Will update!
Featuring: Plata, bozitoma, NEG, Massun.

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