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Published August 30, 2019

SUPERBOU 3 (8/30-9/1)
Region: Spain, UTC+2

Streams: GeekyGoonSquad, maybe also GGS2
Featuring: Trif, Ice, Nicki, Overtriforce, Amsah, Frenzy, Joyboy, Jah Ridin’, nebbii, gLory, Pipsqueak, Fout NL, Jadde, Poppmaister6000, Kins0, FA0, Baxon, Charlon, K-12, Jim Morrison, Mordo, and a lot more good players from all over Europe.
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Saturday,  Aug. 31

Show Me Your Moves 20
(Ill, CDT)
Streams: MeleeEveryday and TheSmashingIllini
Featuring: Westballz, Slox, Zamu, Drephen, Morsecode762, Bobby Frizz, Kels, Free Palestine, Rik, shabo, ORLY, Vista, PRZ, Kuyashi, Travioli, Unsure, Slowking, Skerzo, Reesch, Papa, Pleeba, Russell.

805 Alive 4!
(SoCal, PDT)
Stream: TopShelfEsports
Featuring: ARMY, MikeHaze, Smashdaddy, Goomy, MegaXmas, Kasparov, Kami, Lego, DD, Tonkatsu.

One Stock Up 2019
(U.K, UTC+1)
Stream: PhadeTV
Featuring: Fuzzyness, Phade, maXy, Glaikit.

Short Hops 5
(Md, EDT)
Stream: VGBootCamp

This Big Ain’t Town Enough for the Two of Us
(Penn, EDT)
Stream: PSUSmash

Moos Tracks 2
(S.D, CDT)
Stream: RejectedPie

Sunday, Sept. 1

Liquid Crystal Melee #7
(Japan, UTC+9)
Stream: watchssbm
Featuring: Sanne, Plata, CaptainJack, WTS, Massun.

When’s Melee is a weekendly preview of SSBM tourney streams. If you know of any streamed events not on here (excluding weeklies), contact me with the relevant info on Twitter or here in the comments. If an event is not on here, it likely did not mention a specific stream on its information pages. 

Sam “Big Jeans” Greene can be found on Twitter @ding_mas. He was on a boat today and that’s why this edition of WM is late.

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