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Published April 7, 2023

Weekend Headliners

DreamHack San Diego 2023 (4/7 – 4/8)

Region: San Diego

Stream: DreamHackSmash

Featuring: aMSa, Axe, KoDoRiN, Fiction, Spark, Lucky, Eddy Mexico, Franz, nut, Kürv, Wevans, Khalid, Rocket, KoopaTroopa895, rom, Chango, Lil Fumi, Steech, ZEO, AJ, FLiiNcHy, ycz6, cliché, Pancakes, Stone, Vavez (in doubles), Alberto, SubTails, Xela, beachbum, maxi, Life, Midnight Blue, Breakfast, snake, Alex19, Intrusive Thots (aka Oats), Phorox, Arban, Crim, Mootook, sicko, social engineer, s-f (me!), Tonkatsu, IggyNieves, Kevon, Slump, Kopaka, Sway, Baja, Cpt.Blade, Fist Mexico, Melee Statss’ Vessel, Racer X, & more! Doubles will be on Friday, singles on Saturday!

House of Paign 23: The Lab (4/8)

Region: Illinois

Stream: ugsgaming

Featuring: Zamu, Jflex, Skerzo, Ben, essy, Slowking, shabo, Drephen, Michael, Preeminent, Blue, Ober, Q?, DannyPhantom, Reesch, lexor, FoxCap, Killablue, Ferocitii, Unsure, 3HUNA, Forest, Shifty, Bagels, Phrigid, Pablito, Landon, ORLY, Dragoid, Lemonjuices, Iceking, Schnurb, 1-0 on Zain and Ludwig “SSBSeal,” Fess, Maple, Lawngarms, Trevor, metroid, Cuda, dalbull, Jisp, Thunders, Setton, Charlie Wu, Psoup, Samusown, MessiSTL, Suidt, Motzy, GDubs, Mulan, Lunar, Underscore, Leo, golfbum7, iWater, Mrs. Puff, GrayCode, Nerdy, Homeslice, saffron, & more at the return of Champaign’s premier regional series!

Short Hops! (4/8)

Region: Pennsylvania

Stream: BrotherlyLovePhl

Featuring: TheSWOOPER, Chem, Dawson, Mot$, JJM, 404Cray, HOBORG, Error, Dimension, Agent, Fudge, lynxwynx, GodTouch, Porkers, Gclem, Stavino, soap, Nanami, Professor Peen, bambi, Axis, Quist, Mr. N, Just Nate, totally butts, Ben Snape, Shimkoko, Miranda, EdwinBuddingFan skaht, Jeandolla, Womb!, DVNO, DIO, 1bm, Gomi, BubbleFuel, Kandayo, 2shan, Blank, Bar Lucci Drinking Champion Jonny “Gumball” Gamble, cyfer003 of the BSM Podcast, & more!

Fri. (4/7)

  • Front Runners #6 (London)
    • Featuring: Kingu, max, Fat Tino, Question, 23, 10QuidShoes, mordo, Silas, Zepple, Antz, Ivy, GOON, NoPressure1, lum, SwarmEngine, Devin, & more!
    • Stream: PhoenixSmash

  • Tripoint Smash 184 (Chicago)
    • Featuring: Michael, Eggy, DannyPhantom, Killablue, Pablito, ORLY, Jisp, chef, lovestory4a, Rocks, maxxoo, Certified, & more!
    • Stream: ugsgaming2

  • HoP 23 Preweekly! (Illinois)
    • Featuring: Preeminent, lexor, Killablue, Forest, Mulan, Underscore, Leo, AlCoda, & more people attending House of Paign!
    • Stream: TheSmashingIllini

Sat. (4/8)

  • The Elusive Target (Texas)
    • Featuring: SDJ, Fable, The Leaf, Snowy, ALP, Secrets, Stone, Third Strongest, Tuner_Ace, Bungo, X-Rey, GXM, Rick, fitzy, Knux, Hyruler, Cast, GG93, SirTaco, Rukyy, Sethibuns, Sunnyknight, Mariposa, blockie, & more!
    • Stream: TourneyLocator

  • MDVA Summit Online Qualifier (Online)
    • Featuring: mvlvchi, Maelstrom, Vintage, Sillito Willito, Douglas.J.Gov, RapMonster, Daniel, reese, Jorge, Melen, MC David, SparkinMed, Takeshi, Phil D. Beverage, egg, studyofwumbo, Jimbo, Hua, ssb, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • Forest City Fights (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Zuppy, Duck (in doubles), Faust, Neologism, KGas, 200MXP, LXIX, PRIN$E, liluwuzivert, lilmark0, jon, Ninor, Bojack, Kongee, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

  • KOWLOON #5 (Japan)
    • Featuring: Inngenn, Sanne, dansdaman, Hutukamiman, Falpan, Massun, muro, Donkos, A&B, NEG, watch, Zer0, & more!
    • Stream: TBD

Sun. (4/9)


If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “another weekend not at home cause I’ll be at DreamHack San Diego!” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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