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Published April 14, 2023

Weekend Headliners

Smash Camp 2023 (4/15 – 4/16)

Region: Arizona

Stream: btssmash

Featuring: Axe, Fiction, Spark, Salt, Polish, Medz, Logan, SDJ, Khryke, Azel, CPU0, Free Palestine, Rocket, ghettowarmachine420, SpacePigeon, Jada_TBK (long may they reign), BigTimeRush, Tai, Kevbot, Silly Kyle, Life, deez, techno, Napkins, Forward (in doubles), brothers Frank and Greg Turbo, Soltrain, Calvin, XIF, Cubs, MattDotZeb, Mootook, Tuesday, envy, Duke Vitro, 2B, Wisely, TreyTheTrashman, Ferriswheel, Yousef, the artist formerly known as Pipe Kevon, Nanashi, AAAA, 2B, Exotic, Kadence, Selecta, Ambi, Rat, Badboi, ed, Yaku, Tom Selleck’s Moustache, ninji, Megaman, CJ, Joemama, Axcel, V$, epengu, TO goats contra and Jayde (both in doubles), gerry, & more! Doubles will be on Friday, singles on Saturday!

Fri. (4/14)

  • Tripoint Smash 185 (Chicago)
    • Featuring: Michael, Eggy, Ferocitii, Killablue, ORLY, Olivia :3 (fka Pablito), lovestory4a, Rocks, SoulOfficer, & more!
    • Stream: ugsgaming2

  • Da Greenhouse #14 (Ontario)
    • Featuring: Faust, mgmg, Maher, SwabbinThePoopdeck (Erik), Plat, Midnight Blue, PRIN$E, InfernoJesus, OtES, r/ssbm | VicVuci, J-Plums IX, & more!
    • Stream: Toronto_Melee

Sat. (4/15)

  • And Friends Regional #1 (Texas)
    • Featuring: SFOP, Zamu, bobby big ballz, Fable, Error, The Leaf, Justus (in doubles), Majersk, Fury, Mother Earth, QueueSS, Galvanize, UsagiAzul, Sethibuns, dang3L, & more!
    • Stream: TourneyLocator

  • Mass Madness 40 (Online)
    • Featuring: Kalvar, bonfire10, Epoodle, cupofwater, Golden, Shmeeli, Silver, Top Player Yasu, Project, Awesome Video Games, Electroman, Bank, meep, Guex, regEx, Dr. Lame, Stacy’s Stepdad, Ant, MEAT, Coolslice, Nage, een, JoeST (in doubles), Swag Dovahkiin, BINGHI, Tartox (in doubles), ZettaVolt, Brub, Lio, Yifu, Primer, RyuCloud, & more!
    • Stream: GameUnderground

  • Smashborg Spring Seasonal 2023 (Norge)
    • Featuring: njagoFan72, Velani, Saftblandarn, Kongen pa havet, Harald, TheLabMaster, RichHomieSmash, JohsyJam, Gabe, Jormis, Little Bear, Saile, dank, lasse, Oldiz, Viktor Alsos, G.I. Moe, Pria, Muren, tms, DiLeva, David, Gardex, MM720, Shinzou, krissex, Toa, Fairy, Stave, DJ Klaus, aLF, Skaug, Catzors, Length Plank, & more!
    • Stream: rotaryonesports and rotaryontv2

Sun. (4/16)

  • House of Smash #53 (Norge)
    • Featuring: Velani, JohsyJam, Martin, Saile, Toa, Gardex, MM720, Skaug, DJ Klaus, & more brulters!
    • Stream: SmashNorge

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Discord and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Self “Bandit says Madge” Flagellate, and I can be reached on Twitter at @selfflagellate, Discord at s-f#0365, or in the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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