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Published April 1, 2022

Weekend Headliners

The Nightclub VIP

Region: Tristate (Offline)

Stream: NYCMelee

Featuring: iBDW, Polish, Aklo, 2Saint, Jflex, Skerzo, Slox, TheSWOOPER, Wally, Bbatts (FROM JERSEY), Captain Smuckers, Just Jason, Ober, Error, Warmmer, Cannager, K8A, Trail, THE BEETLE KING, HOBORG, Danilo, Heartstrings, NY Joey, YokaiNels, Duo, Bambi & many more great Tristate talent!

GALINT Melee Open: Spring Edition 2022

Region: North America (Online)

Streams: Btssmash and GalintGaming

Featuring: KoDoRiN, Swift, Soonsay, Suf, Eddy Mexico, Ben, Salt, aCID, Far!, Bbatts, Asashi, Dova, FireflyHI, Phorox, Pocket Sand & many more. 

Fri. (4/1)

  • East Coast Fridays #201 (Online)
    • Featuring: Likely some really good East Coast players at one of the most iconic netplay tournament series.
    • Stream: No official stream, but the players in the tourney will likely be streaming their runs on their own channels.

Sat. (4/2)

Sun. (4/3)

Time for another edition of our everpresent, year round, classic weekly series, Straight Shit, where I recommend the best heterosexual series money can (or can’t) buy. You know, in our recent PC climate, heterosexuality is being demonized more and more, so I need to fight against the coming the wave of wokeness. Today, this week’s entry is Fifty Shades of Grey, a touching straight love story between two well-adjusted individuals working through a loving partnershi- alright I’m done with this, APRIL FOOL’S, it’s Gay Shit. Go watch, uh, Harley Quinn’s recent show or something idk, I’m burned out.

If you know of any streamed events not on here, contact me with the relevant info on Twitter and I’ll do my best to talk about and include it in the future!

This is Melissa “Is jogging again” Blight, and I can be reached on Twitter @GCH_Pikachu942.

Also, shout-outs to my assistant, Self “I got nothing this week, sorry” Flagellate of the Melee Stats Podcast Discord.

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