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Published January 23, 2018

If you saw my last post, you’ll already be caught up to date. If not, then here’s a summary:

1. Me and my Smash history partner (Pikachu942) are launching a new series detailing the 100 greatest Super Smash Bros. Melee players of all-time, with a blend of SSBMRank style blurb writing and whimsical Smash History storytelling.

2. We compiled a database of all of Melee’s largest tournaments per year, subject to our own criteria on what qualifies as major tournaments, and listed every major top eight placer in Melee history, along with every player that has been ranked within SSBMRank or RetroSSBMRank history. This made up our talent pool of over 150 Top 100 candidates.

3. We reached out to individuals within the community to join a panel, in which, similar to SSBMRank voting, each individual submits a ballot detailing their top 100 players ever. The final list would accumulate everyone’s ranking together for one averaged list.

Long story short, we were excited to start the project, but due to a few out-of-smash issues, we were unable to start it as quickly as we wanted to. Moreover, with 2017 SSBMRank coming up near the end of the year, we thought it was best to wait until the end of GENESIS 5 before continuing through with our project. This way, we could release our series at a time between supermajors.

We now have a more complete data set, updated for GENESIS 5 and for 2017 SSBMRank. However, this left us with another issue: reaching out to the people we contacted two months ago, but haven’t updated on the status of the project.

In the end, Pikachu and I have decided to entirely scrap the idea of the finalized current panel list we had reached out to. It would be unfair to remind each of them of something mentioned offhandedly two months ago, particularly because it’d be asking a lot for them to go through the same data that we spent countless hours collecting and organizing for our own ballots. We’ve instead created an open form for people to submit applications for voting. You can submit a form here, if you’re interested.

Both of us are looking for a final panel of about 20 voters, with an emphasis on community leaders, longterm veterans, tournament organizers and Melee analysts.  We will be inviting selected voters to a Facebook group, in which the project can continue in greater detail.

Until then, we’re sorry for the late and somewhat unsatisfying update – but we’ll have more coming up. I’ll also be continuing the Cinderella Run series when I get a chance this week. Thanks to all my readers for keeping up to date!

TL;DR: Apply to be a Smash History Top 100 voter above!

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